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Choosing between detailed or summary invoices

Your invoices are monthly statements of the billing activity on your seller’s account. Your invoice automatically lists all payments, refunds, discounts, credits, and fees that affected your account during the billing period, as well as your amount due.

If you sell a large number of items or find that your invoice is too long or detailed, however, you might consider changing your invoice format. By switching to the Summary HTML format, you’ll get a shorter, summarized version of your invoice.

Deciding which invoice format is right for you

Your invoice format determines how much detail you’ll get when you view your invoice onscreen. Use the following table to help you decide between the detailed and summary format.

Detailed HTML format Summary HTML format


  • Shows details for all transactions that affected your account during the billing period.

  • Includes a separate line item for each discount, credit, or fee.

  • Shows a summary of your billing activity, rather than individual transactions.

  • Includes total amounts for each type of discount, credit, or fee.

Recommended for

  • Low- to medium-volume sellers

  • Sellers who want detailed billing activity for every item they sell.

  • High-volume sellers

  • Sellers who want a summary of their billing activity at a glance, without pages of detail about individual sales.

Setting your preference for invoice format

We generate a detailed invoice for you automatically, unless you change your preference to “Summary HTML format.” You can change your preference at any time, as often as you’d like. Your preference will take effect the next time we generate your invoice.

To select your invoice format:
  1. Go to Site Preferences, where you’ll select your invoice format. Or, go to My eBay, click the Account tab, and then click the “Site Preferences” link on the left side of the page.

  2. Under General Preferences, locate Site billing preferences and click the “Show” link.

  3. Choose your invoice format by selecting either “Detailed HTML format” or “Summary HTML format.”

Can I get both summary and detailed invoices?

You can choose only one display format for your invoice, either the Summary HTML format or the Detailed HTML format. However, you can download invoice details any time, or you can schedule a monthly download. Learn more about downloading invoice details.

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