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Limits on buyer activity

Occasionally, we need to place limits on buying activity.

Why does eBay limit buying activity?

We might limit a member's buying activity if we notice a change in their buying activity. For example:

  • We notice a sudden, large increase in the amount of items a member is buying 

  • We notice a sudden, large increase in the price of the items a member is buying 

  • We notice a new buyer is making many purchases or purchasing expensive items

These limits are similar to the limit a credit card company might place on your card if they notice an unusual increase in activity. Not only does it protect you, it protects our sellers and eBay. Also, buyer activity limits are one way that we reduce the chance of unpaid items. Buyer activity limits are based on statistical information, and they are put in place to protect everyone. They aren’t meant to penalize you, or reflect on how trustworthy you are. They're also not based on your bank account balance, your credit card limit, or your ability to pay for items purchased.

Note: These limits are placed by eBay, not by individual sellers. We can't remove these limits, even if a seller requests it.

How can I remove these limits?

We'll remove buyer activity limits once we see that the buyer's purchases are legitimate and are being completed successfully. One way we see this is through Feedback. If you're a new buyer, you may see your limit removed as your Feedback score increases.

We're also more likely to remove these limits for a buyer who verifies his or her identity. There are a few ways to do this:

Note: Not all members will have these options available, and they don't automatically remove buyer limits.

What are the rules for bidding $15,000 or more?

To place a bid of $15,000 or more, you need to provide a valid credit card (your card won't be charged). This requirement helps make sure that members making large purchases are of legal age and serious about completing the transaction.

You need to provide this information only once. To find out if you already have a credit card on file, please check your account status. We encourage you to take these steps before bidding on an item that might go above this price.

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