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Lowering or removing your reserve price

You can lower or remove the reserve price on an auction-style listing by revising your listing in My eBay. You can lower the reserve price if:

  • No bidder has met the reserve price.

  • There are at least 12 hours left on the listing.

Learn more about revising a listing.

Lowering your reserve price

If you lower the reserve price below the high bidder's maximum bid, we lower the high bidder's maximum bid to $1.00 below the new reserve price.

We notifiy bidders of the new reserve price by email, and they must bid again to confirm interest in the item. The high bidder must bid again at or above the new reserve price. 

Removing your reserve price

When you remove your reserve price, we lower the reserve price to $1.00 above the current high bid.

We notify bidders of the change by email, and they must bid again to confirm interest in the item. The next bid meets the new reserve price. We do this to confirm that the high bidder is still interested in the item.

Things to keep in mind

  • If you remove or lower the reserve price, you won't receive credit for the difference in the reserve fee.

  • The rules for Second Chance Offers don’t change when you by lower the reserve price.

  • Within eBay vehicle categories, you can lower reserve prices on listings with less than 12 hours left in the auction.

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