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Picture Manager FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is eBay retiring Picture Manager?

Retiring Picture Manager will allow us to focus our resources on a single eBay picture platform, eBay Picture Services (a.k.a. EPS), which will allow us to deliver quality pictures and state-of-the-art picture features for your eBay listings at a competitive price.

We are also adding a new way to upload pictures to eBay Picture Services. You can use the new "Copy Web Files" option to upload your picture directly from your 3rd party photo-hosting site. We will then store your pictures on eBay and display them in your listings.

What will happen to my Picture Manager pictures in my existing listings?

If you unsubscribe from Picture Manager, pictures in your active listings will remain viewable in your listings for 100 days from the date you unsubscribe. As these listings are relisted, or Good 'Til Cancelled listings are renewed, the pictures will be migrated to eBay Picture Services and standard eBay Picture Services fees will apply.

When the 100-day period ends, pictures not used in recent listings will be permanently deleted. When you use these pictures in listings, they will be set to expire automatically 90 days after the end of the listing. If you manually delete your pictures, they will be deleted immediately, regardless of the length of your subscription.

Pictures that are only used in item descriptions (or anywhere else) via HTML will also be permanently deleted after 100 days from the day you unsubscribe. 

If you delete individual pictures stored in Picture Manager, they will be immediately removed from your listings and replaced by a standard eBay graphic indicating that you deleted the pictures.

I have a Store. What will happen to my pictures on my Store custom pages?

If you used Picture Manger to upload your pictures to custom Store pages, those pictures will be maintained as long as you continue to use them. You will still be able to manage your custom Store pages, but you will be using the eBay Picture Services uploader in your Store Builder instead of the Picture Manager uploader.

Pictures that are only used in custom pages (or anywhere else) via HTML will also be permanently deleted after 100 days from the day you unsubscribe.

What are my other photo hosting options?

You have the following photo hosting options:

  • eBay Picture Services, the fast and easy way to include pictures in your listings.

  • 3rd Party picture hosting

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