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Promoting and advertising items

Promotion boxes are graphic displays that you can use in your store to highlight featured items, announce specials, or describe alternative ways to browse your items.

Creating promotion boxes

There are two ways to create promotion boxes for your store. When you’re beginning to set up your own store, you might want to use the guided setup to create predesigned promotion boxes, or you can choose to create promotion boxes of your own design.

To create a promotion box:

  1. Click My eBay at the top of any eBay page.

  2. Sign in to eBay with your username and password.

  3. Click the Manage My Store link on the left side of the page.

  4. Click the Promotional Boxes link on the left side of the page.

  5. Select an option for creating your promotion box:

    • Click the Guided setup link to use a predesigned promotion box.

    • Click the Create new promotion box button if you’d like to design your own.

Promotion box colors
The default colors for promotion boxes are based on the colors that you selected for your store theme. However, you can customize these colors.

Adding promotion boxes to your pages

If you want to use a promotion box, make sure you select a promotion box layout when you create your custom page.

When you create your promotion box, give it a unique administrative name. This name is not visible to buyers; it is simply to help you keep track of your promotion boxes.

After you’ve created a promotion box, you can insert it onto any custom page that uses a promotion box layout.

When designing your custom page, add an HTML tag on the custom page that contains the administrative name of the promotion box. For example:

{eBayPromo id=”promotion box administrative name”}

Managing promotion boxes

Use your unique administrative name for each promotion box to:

  • Reuse it

  • Keep it inactive for future use

  • Duplicate it and make modifications

  • Delete it

Using a promotion box you’ve already created
You can include any promotion box you've already created, even if it is “inactive,” in your full HTML custom pages or any other place in your Store where you can insert HTML. Just use the following tag:  {eBayPromo id="promotion box administrative name"}.  

Promotion box placement

  • Near the top of store pages

    Two promotion boxes can appear side-by-side, or the boxes can be combined and used as a single, extra-wide promotion box.

    If you use store categories or custom pages, you can display different promotion boxes on each of your category pages and custom pages. Any box you use for a specific category will also be used for all categories below it unless you specify a different promotion box for those categories.

    If you use eBay categories instead of your store categories, the same box or boxes will appear on every eBay category page.

  • Below the left navigation bar

    Two promotion boxes—an upper one and a lower one—can appear below the navigation bar. You can customize your promotion boxes at an individual page level. Any promotion box settings are automatically used on all category pages, unless you specify different promotion boxes for the different category pages.

Promotion box types



Advertise specific items

Use this type to feature one or more of your store items. You can feature items that are newly listed or ending soon. Either choose items manually or allow eBay to feature your items automatically.

Display items using one of these view types:

  • Gallery view – One listing link that appears with an item title and picture

  • List view – Two listing titles that link to views of the items

  • Countdown – Animated countdown that creates excitement for auction-style and fixed price listings

  • Filmstrip – Pictures of several items that rotate continuously

Provide links to other parts of your Store

Use this type to give buyers alternative ways to find items in your store. Custom links can point to a store category, a custom page within your store, another eBay web page, or custom search results.

You can also include clickable graphics or pictures that provide access to these other pages. Choose among predesigned graphics or provide your own. Graphics that don't fit the standard dimensions in a location will be resized to fit.

Design your own promotion box

Use this type to customize your own promotion box to display the information of your choice, such as shipping and payment information, links to your email newsletter signup page, or other useful information.

You can also create a unique promotion box using our HTML.

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