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What is the difference between My eBay, Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro?

All three eBay selling features help you to manage selling tasks and are accessible from My eBay. Each selling tool is designed for different selling volume.

My eBay
  • Is free as part of your selling account.

  • Helps you to manage selling tasks in the Selling section.

  • Is perfect if you only sell a few items at a time. The selling features in My eBay are designed to help the seller manage individual auctions, especially if you are a newer user.

Selling Manager
  • Is a subscription service.

  • Replaces your Selling links with Selling Manager links.

  • Is perfect if you are a medium- to high-volume seller.

  • Includes email and feedback templates.

  • Saves time by allowing you to email, leave feedback and print invoices in bulk.

Selling Manager Pro
  • Is a subscription service, like Selling Manager, but offers additional features.

  • Replaces your Selling links with Selling Manager Pro links.

  • Is perfect if you are a high-volume seller or run a small business.

  • Has all the features of Selling Manager, but also supports views of your product inventory.

  • Automates tasks including scheduling listings and relisting of unsold items.

  • Includes ability to view and download reports about your sales activities.

For a comparison of eBay Seller Tools go to the Feature Comparison Table.

For information on features and subscription information, visit our Help page.

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