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Improve performance with reasonable shipping fees

To meet buyer expectations, it’s important to be upfront about shipping costs and minimize the amount you charge for shipping and handling. If you use shipping and handling as a way to make money from buyers, you may receive:

  • Negative or neutral Feedback

Set expectations for shipping costs

By providing shipping details in your listing, you can manage buyer expectations from the start. This helps avoid confusion with unexpected shipping costs, and shipping and handling time.

Common problems Solutions

Not including accurate details on shipping services and costs can cause confusion.

  • Specify the shipping services you offer in the shipping details section of your listing.

  • State shipping costs clearly by using calculated shipping or entering a flat shipping rate for each service you offer.

  • Offer more than one shipping service. List each one and include the cost of each service. Some buyers may want to pay more for a faster service, while others may prefer a longer shipping time to save money.

Not providing details on handling costs.

  • Include details on handling costs in your listing. Don't wait until the invoice to tell buyers there's an extra fee.

  • If you do charge extra for handling, make sure you show value by packaging these items with care.

Unexpected customs fees or duties.

  • Make sure all your international listings include a clear message to buyers stating they are responsible for customs fees.

  • If you include this message, eBay will remove negative or neutral Feedback given on those listings due to customs delays or fees. Be sure to read and follow the requirements for this message.

Exceed expectations for shipping costs

There are a few things you can do to make your listing more visible, and boost your detailed seller ratings.


Free shipping

  • If you offer free shipping in your listing—and we can confirm the buyer did not pay for shipping—you will automatically receive a 5-star rating on your shipping and handling charges detailed seller rating. You may also attract new buyers, and your listing may receive more visibility in search.


  • Offer discounts for shipping multiple items in one order. This can increase customer satisfaction and order sizes.

  • Clearly state in your listing if you offer combined shipping on multiple orders.

Save time and money on shipping

Here are a few tips that can help you save time and money on shipping.


Shipping labels

  • Take advantage of reduced pricing on some shipping services when you print shipping labels on eBay or PayPal. Pass the savings on to your customers to increase satisfaction.

eBay/Canada Post discounts

  • Benefit from 25% savings on Canada Post domestic shipments via Expedited Parcel™ and on Canada Post US shipments via Expedited Parcel™-USA when you print your shipping label online. Get more details here.

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