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Requesting a refund of your eBay credit balance

This page is about requesting a refund or your eBay credit balance. On other pages you can learn about refunding your buyer or contacting your seller to request a refund. You can also find out what to do if your buyer hasn't paid.

What's the difference between a credit and a refund?

If we charge you a fee and then later return it (for example, if your buyer doesn't pay for an item), we will apply it to your account as a credit. You can either leave this credit in your account and we'll apply it toward your future fees, or you can request a refund and we'll send you the money. You can request a refund from eBay if you have a credit balance on your account.

Important: Requesting a refund of your eBay credit balance is different from requesting a final value fee credit.

How can I request a refund of my eBay credit balance?

To request a refund:
  1. Verify that you have a credit balance on your account. To see your account balance, go to your Account Activity page. A credit balance appears as a negative number on your account status and monthly invoices.

  2. Make sure that your contact information, including your address, is up-to-date.

Note: Please allow 30 days for refunds to be processed. When eBay issues a refund, it is applied to the payment method where it originated. For example, if you made the payment with a credit card, the refund will go to that credit card. If your credit originated from more than one payment method, you'll have a choice of where to send the refund.

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