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Relisting Ended Listings

You can relist ended listings through the Ended Listings View. The Status column shows whether your listing has been relisted or not. If the status icon is blue, your ended listing has already been relisted. If the icon is gray, the listing has not been relisted. The color of the status icon will help you to determine whether your insertion fees will be waived upon relisting your listing.

To relist one ended listing while in Ended Listings View:

  1. Click the icon in the Action column.

  2. Click the "Relist" link.

    You can:

    • Click the Selling Format button to change your selling format.
    • Click the Continue button to edit any section of the Relist Your Item form.
    • Click the Go to Review button to review your listing.
  3. Review your listing and click the Submit Listing button.

  4. Repeat this process for each additional listing, if necessary.

To relist multiple ended listings while in Ended Listings View:

  1. Select the check the box next to each listing that you want to relist.

    To auto-select all of your Ended Listings, select the check the box that appears in the blue heading bar above your listings.

  2. Click the Relist button.

  3. Review your listings and click the Submit Listings button.

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