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Seller fees & invoices

The basic cost of selling an item is the insertion fee plus the final value fee, plus fees for any optional features and services you may use.

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Verify that your credit card number was entered correctly, and that your name matches the name on your credit card account. If that doesn't work, contact the issuer of your card.
We may send you email reminders to update your card before it expires. Make sure the email is actually from eBay and not fraudulent.
Reinstate your account by paying the balance in full. Find out how to reinstate your account.
Your Account Activity page lists your fees, along with a description of what they're for. If you're charged selling fees for an item that a buyer didn't pay for, open an unpaid item case.
If you still don't understand a charge, you can contact us.
When you list an item to sell, we need a valid credit card on file for your account, even if you've used other payment methods in the past. We charge your credit card to pay your seller fees if you specify that card as your preferred payment method.
Your listing may have been a free listing. Because there wasn't an insertion fee, you won't receive an insertion fee credit for these listings.
If you haven't received a final value credit for a closed unpaid item case, double-check your Account Activity page. Compare the reason you closed your unpaid item case against our final value fee credits table, since not all reasons result in a credit.
For credit card and chequing account payments, make sure that the account currently on file for automatic payments is the same one you last used to pay the account. When you have confirmed your registration information, go ahead and request a refund on your seller fees.
Automatic payments are charged to the payment method on file at the time of invoicing. You can stop the automatic payment by submitting an immediate onetime payment in full for the invoice 5 days or more in advance of the automatic payment. Otherwise, the automatic payment occurs as scheduled.
You might have made a onetime payment around the time we automatically charged your payment method on file for your invoice amount. If you've made a duplicate payment, you can request a refund of your seller fees.

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