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Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro: Getting started

Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro are online selling tools that you can use to manage listings, track sales, and perform common post-sales tasks.  Conveniently located in My eBay, these selling tools are designed to save you time and expand the range of functions that you can perform on eBay.

While both are subscription services, Selling Manager is free to all sellers. Selling Manager Pro is free for first-time subscribers for the first 30 days, and free to all Premium and Anchor eBay Store subscribers. Learn more about pricing and subscriptions.

What's the difference between Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro?

Both are online selling tools that are designed to help sellers manage their listings and sales.

  • Selling Manager helps sellers manage listings, track sales status, and perform post-sales tasks such as leaving Feedback.

  • Selling Manager Pro provides sellers with an all-in-one solution. It includes all the features of Selling Manager, plus the ability to manage inventory, store reusable listing templates, automatically list and relist items, automate common post-sales tasks, and generate reports about your sales. In addition, Selling Manager Pro lets you edit the emails that eBay automatically sends to buyers.

How do I get started?

Here are some basic steps you can take to get started:

  1. Subscribe to Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro.

    Learn more about subscriptions and pricing or subscribe to Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro now.

  2. Use the views in My eBay to track your sales activity.

    Go to My eBay and review the links in the Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro section on the left side of the page. Each link corresponds to a view that lets you manage your listings and sales.

    The Summary, Scheduled, Active, Unsold, and Sold views group your listings according to their status.


    What you can do


    Get an overview of your listing activity and sales.

    You can display the Summary view at any time by clicking Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro on the left side of My eBay.


    View pending listings and revise, reschedule, or delete the listings.


    View listings that are currently active or "live" on the site and revise the listings or end them early.


    View listings that didn't sell and relist them or sell them again.


    View sales records for items that sold and track which ones are awaiting payment, awaiting shipment, or paid and shipped.

    In addition to these views, you'll find other views that are specific to Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro. Learn more about your views.

  3. Learn how to handle items that you've sold.

  4. Learn how to save time on buyer communication and Feedback.

    While both tools let you store reusable email and Feedback templates and perform tasks in bulk, Selling Manager Pro provides additional automation features to save you even more time.

    Selling tool

    What you can do

    Selling Manager

    In Selling Manager, you can:

    Selling Manager Pro

    In Selling Manager Pro, you have all the time-saving features of Selling Manager, plus the ability to:

  5. Learn how to sell more items.

    • Selling Manager: You'll create new listings outside of Selling Manager, either in eBay's Sell Your Item form or in another selling tool, such as Turbo Lister. Once you've created some listings, you can sell similar items or relist at any time.

    • Selling Manager Pro: You can use the inventory features of Selling Manager Pro to store reusable listing templates for the products you sell. You can use those listing templates to create new listings at any time, and can even automate the listing and relisting process.

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