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Using the Summary view

The Summary view for Selling Manager appears first when you go to My eBay. It provides an overview of your selling activity, reminders about what to do next, and links to frequently-used information such as your scheduled, active, and ended listings.

Tip: To return to the Summary view from anywhere in Selling Manager, click Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro in My eBay.

What's in your Summary view

Your Summary view is divided into sections that help you track your selling activity. They provide insight into your sales, reminders about what to do next, and shortcuts to frequently-used features and information.

Your information is updated every 10 minutes. To see the latest information, click the Refresh button in your web browser.

Section Description

At a Glance

Summarizes your sales volume over the past 120 days.

To view sales for a different time span, or to switch between a bar or line graph, click the Edit link in the section header and then select Customize.

Alerts & To Do's

Notifies you about items that might require your attention. Clicking the alerts and to do's takes you directly to the appropriate page where you can perform the necessary actions. Learn more about alerts.

Listing Activity

Summarizes your scheduled, active, and ended listings. Clicking the links takes you directly to the listings.


Summarizes the items that you've sold by their status and provides reminders about next steps, such as shipping, leaving Feedback, or attending to unpaid item cases.

Seller Dashboard Summary

Provides a snapshot of how you're doing as a seller, including your customer satisfaction rating and whether your listings are eligible for raised search standing. Learn more about your Seller Dashboard.

Account Status

Summarizes your last invoice amount, recent account activity, and current account balance. To add this section to your Summary view, click the Page options link at the top of the Summary view and select Account Status.

Product Inventory (Selling Manager Pro only)

Summarizes your inventory status, including your total inventory and number of products that are low or out of stock.

Manage My Store (eBay Store owners only)

Provides shortcuts that help you manage your eBay Store.

Store Categories I'm Tracking (eBay Store owners only)

Tracks the total sales for categories in your eBay Store.

To select the categories you want to track, click the Edit link in the section header and select the categories to be displayed.

Favourite Links

Displays shortcuts to common tasks such as selling an item, revising a listing, and viewing your PayPal account.

Additional Selling Resources

Displays shortcuts to information and resources for sellers, including Seller Central and eBay listing policies.

Customizing your Summary view

You can customize the Summary view to include what's most important to you. You can select which sections should be displayed and what's in each section. For example, you might want your Listing Activity section to show listings that end today or have buyer questions.

To do this Take these steps

Select the sections you want on the Summary page

  1. Click the Page options link at the top of the Summary page.

  2. Select the sections you want.

  3. Click the Apply button.

Reorder the sections

  1. Locate the section you want to move.

  2. In the section's header, click the Edit drop-down menu and use the menu options to move the section up, down, left, or right.

Customize what appears in each section

  1. Locate the section you want to change.

  2. In the section's header, click the Edit drop-down menu and choose Customize.

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