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Turbo Lister beta program

If you're an experienced Turbo Lister user and you'd like to help us make the tool even better, join our beta program. The Turbo Lister beta program lets users try new features, make comments, and report problems with the pre-release ("beta") software. Beta testing creates a way for the community to contribute directly to Turbo Lister improvements.

Joining the beta program

Join the Turbo Lister beta program from within the Turbo Lister application.

To join the beta program:
  1. From the Turbo Lister Tools menu, select Options… and then select Advanced Options.

  2. Select Program Updates.

  3. Click Join Beta Program.

  4. Read and agree to the terms by selecting the check box and clicking Join.

  5. Click OK.

Getting beta updates

When we make updates to the beta version of Turbo Lister, we'll update your software automatically. You can also check for updates manually.

To check for updates to Turbo Lister:
  1. From the Turbo Lister Tools menu, select Check for Program Updates.

  2. If there are updates, click Install Now or Install Later.

  3. You'll be prompted to back up your information before the update occurs.

Discussion boards

Beta users can exchange ideas with other users on the Turbo Lister discussion board on

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