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Saving a draft of an unfinished listing

If you start to create a listing but don't complete it, we'll we'll automatically save it as a draft when you leave the listing form. Regardless of where you started the listing, you can finish it on either your computer or your mobile device.

How to retrieve a draft

To retrieve a draft of an unfinished listing:
  1. Return to eBay and click Sell.

  2. In the Finish your draft listing section, click Complete or the title of your listing.

Availability of your saved drafts

A few things to keep in mind:

  • You can save up to 7 drafts at a time in the standard listing tool and up to 20 drafts in the bulk listing tool.

  • If you add a draft after reaching the limit, your oldest draft is dropped.

  • If more than 30 days go by after you edit a draft, it's dropped.

  • You can delete a draft by clicking Delete in the draft list.

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