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Sales Reports Plus: Viewing your reports

Accessing your sales reports

Here's how to see your sales reports:
  1. Go to My eBay. You may need to sign in.

  2. Place your pointer over the Account tab, and then click the Sales Reports link.

Your latest monthly report is always shown by default. For previous reports, click the Archived Reports link on the left side of the page.

Availability of reports

After you subscribe, your first report will be available within 72 hours and will contain your sales data from the previous calendar month or the month before it, depending on what day of the month you started your subscription.

  • Reports are provided only for time periods in which you've maintained a subscription.

  • You need to view your report at least once every 90 days, or your subscription will end automatically. If this happens and you want to receive reports again, you can re-subscribe.

  • Your reports will remain available online for up to 24 months.

  • To keep reports permanently, you can print them using the Print link in the top right corner of each report page, or save them to a file on your computer using the Download link. To print all of the pages in a report, you'll need to go to each page and print it separately. Make sure your browser is configured to print background colors and images.

Sales report features

Your reports contain valuable information for tracking your performance and understanding your business. For a description of the types of data in your report, see Sales Reports Plus definitions.

In your sales report, you'll find the following features to help you find the details you need.  The links on the left side of the page are described in the following table. Click a link to see the view you want.

Time period

Use the drop-down menu from any view to select the time period you'd like to see, either by month or week.

Sales Summary

This page gives you a snapshot of your business for the most recent activity period. Use the links on the left side of the page to see sales, fees, or unpaid item details.

Sales by Category

This view shows your sales by selling category: fixed price or auction-style.

Sales by Format

This view shows a summary listing, the ending day or time or duration of your listing.

Report Preferences

Here is where you can customize the appearance of your reports. You can choose whether or not to display numbers, full category names, to display reports by week or month.

News and Updates

See this section for important news, such as notes about your report, system updates, and product enhancements.


This link answers questions you may have about your sales reports.


This link takes you to a step by step tour of Sales Reports Plus.

Receiving notifications by email

You can receive an email whenever your latest report becomes available. Here's how to turn this feature on or off:

  1. Place your pointer over the Account tab, and then click the Communication Preferences link.

  2. In the Seller section, click the Show link next to Seller Tools.

  3. Select Real-time from the eBay Sales Report Updates drop-down menu .

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