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How to Share What You Know with Other eBay Members

There are lots of ways you can share what you know with other eBay members – including your family, friends, and those who are just getting started buying or selling. You probably remember what it was like to buy or sell your first items, and helping new members is part of the fun you can have on eBay. You can also enhance your reputation on eBay – especially if you have expertise working with a particular type of item like coins, designer fashions, or vintage wind-up toys.

Ways you can share

Here are some ways you can share what you know with other eBay members.

  • Become an Answer Centre volunteer — Help others, especially eBay newcomers, with their questions. Answer Centre boards cover a wide variety of eBay topics in a question-and-answer format. Topics include Bidding, Feedback, Search, and International Trading. Check out the Answer Centre.

  • Write a review or guide — You can share your experience with the eBay Community by writing a review for specific products such as books, movies, CDs, cell phones and golf clubs. If you want to publish a “how to,” you can publish a guide. A guide can be about almost any topic, from how to make the perfect cup of coffee to how to buy Russian nesting dolls. Go to Reviews & Guides and click the Write a review or Write a guide link.

  • Become a Trading Assistant — Turn your eBay selling skills into a business by selling for others. Sell for folks in your neighbourhood who would love the rewards of trading on eBay, but don’t have the knowledge or time. Find out about the Trading Assistant Program on eBay.

  • Teach a class  — Join the Education Specialist Program to gain the knowledge and materials to teach others how to sell. You'll have access to the eBay Education Specialist directory, where you can publish your training events.

Tips for teaching others about eBay

Here are some tips that can help you show others the basics and the rewards of eBay. 

The how

  • Learn from other teachers. Take a class in your neighborhood from an Education Specialist trained by eBay. Find an Education Specialist.

  • Visit eBay Explained to get started on eBay and for information on selling and buying. There are also many books about eBay that help new users with diagrams, tips and techniques.

  • Try not to overwhelm your audience. Keep the lessons short and have a clear goal for each one.

  • Start small. Begin by teaching small groups, friends and family.  Have them start off selling by selling small, inexpensive items that are easy to ship.

  • Include some fun and motivating activities that teach how to search for items. For example, search for items that feature your student’s name or the year they were born. Look for what items they can buy for only 99 cents.

  • We know you appreciate the value of being a constant learner. Stay up-to-date about new eBay features and changes in eBay rules by regularly checking eBay’s General Announcements

The what

  • Remember what it was like to buy or sell your first item. eBay is a big place, and understanding some basic concepts can make things easier. You can refresh your memory by reading the Getting Started Help page for new members. For help on eBay terms, see the eBay Glossary.

  • Cover the importance of knowing the eBay rules, especially policies for prohibited and restricted items to make sure the item can be sold on eBay.

  • Get to know PayPal. Using PayPal makes buying and selling easier and safer, especially for new buyers and sellers.

  • Explain the importance of the Feedback system. Review the Feedback rating policies and explain the detailed Seller Ratings and their importance in eBay selling. Show how to review a seller’s reputation.

  • Show new users how My eBay can help track and manage eBay buying, selling, messaging, and account information, preferences, and more.

  • Make sure your students understand the importance of researching similar items to determine the right price before selling or buying. For example, ask your student to search for a favourite childhood toy and review completed listings to find out the final selling price of similar items.

  • Know about and show how to get help both from eBay and other eBay members.

If you still have questions yourself, don’t hesitate to ask other eBay members or to contact us.

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