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Mailing Lists and Subscribers

To manage your email marketing mailing lists and subscribers, go to the "Manage Your Store" page in My eBay, and click the "Email Marketing" link in the left-hand navigation area.

Creating and editing mailing lists

The "Email Marketing" page displays a summary of your mailing lists, including the number of subscribers to each list and the total number of subscribers to all your lists.

  • To add a mailing list, click the Create Mailing List button. You can create up to 5 mailing lists for buyers to subscribe to. You can name your mailing lists whatever you like. You might name them after product categories or types of promotions, such as "Seasonal Specials" or "Sale Notifications."

  • When you first open your eBay Store, you have a default mailing list named "General Interest" automatically set up for you to use. You can leave this mailing list as it is or rename it. To change the name of a mailing list, click the "Edit" link.

  • To remove a mailing list altogether, click the "Delete" link.

    Note: If you delete a mailing list, all of the subscribers will be automatically unsubscribed from that particular list and cannot be restored. If you delete all of your mailing lists, buyers will not be able to sign up for your newsletters from the "Add to Favorite Sellers" page.

Attracting subscribers

To attract subscribers, you should place links on your Store's home page and in your listings, and encourage your buyers to sign up for your mailing lists (known as "newsletters" to buyers) by adding you to their Favorite Sellers list. Links that encourage newsletter sign-ups should mention "Favorite Sellers" so that buyers know what to expect.

You can easily build newsletter and Favorites sign-up links using the "Newsletter Sign-Up" promotion box and the page link builders in the Stores HTML Builder. Links to both promotion boxes and the HTML Builder are available in the left-hand navigation area of the "Manage My Store" page.

Viewing subscriber lists

You can find the lists of your subscribers either by clicking on the "Total Subscribers" link in the mailing lists, or through the "Subscriber List" link in the Email Marketing left-hand navigation area.

When viewing subscriber lists, you can see your subscribers' Username (but not names or email addresses) and the date that each user subscribed to your mailing list. You can sort by the "Date Subscribed" column to track the progress of your subscribers.

Blocking unwanted subscribers

If you need to block any subscribers from receiving your email, you can do so by adding them to your blocked bidder and buyer list. You can block subscribers in bulk using the checkboxes on the left side of the subscriber list and the Block Buyer button at the bottom of each page.

Note: By blocking buyers from your mailing lists, you are also preventing them from ever bidding or buying on any of your items.

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