Microsoft Surface Pro 4 128GB, Wi-Fi, 12.3in - Silver (Intel Core i5 - 4 GB RAM)

Processor is i5 or Dual Core ?

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Nov 3, 2017
Yes the i5 Processor is Dual Core with 2 Heads per core. The processor has excellent speed both at idle for minimal projects and accelerates for more complicated tasks. With the i5 Processor you will lose slightly on the battery life as opposed to the M3 processor, however, if you use recommended screen settings and turn off features that are not in use, you can extend the battery life considerably. We currently sell the Surface Pro 4 with the Bluetooth Surface Pro 4 Pen, Windows 10 Pro with Creators Edition Update, and the Black Keyboard for $829. An excellent buy in a factory sealed package
by sightandsoundstore
Oct 29, 2017
The processor is i5. I am the first owner and I paid $900 for it.
by mmd16e_1
Oct 29, 2017
hi what year ? and are you the first owner and how much did you paid for it ? thanks
by daghey
Oct 20, 2017
It is an i5 6400U. Thanks my man.
by serr-bran | Verified purchase | Condition: Used

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