Action Figures

Save the world with Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America or recreate the Jurassic period in your own backyard by shopping the vast collection of action figures on eBay. These toys offer endless possibilities, letting your children create their own worlds with the contents of their toy boxes. When many people think of action figures, they picture the G.I. Joe military figures and superhero toys of their own childhoods, but these toys can offer so much more.

Modern collections include fantasy figurines, pint-sized plastic animals, historic personalities, and even miniature versions of your favourite rock stars, athletes, and actors. Kids can recreate scenes with characters from their favourite shows or mix and match different sets to build their own story ideas. Let them discover a world where Batman can save the planet from a dinosaur army, or Princess Leia and the Pink Power Ranger team up to defeat the Joker.

Although action figures are popular with kids, these toys offer plenty of fun for all ages. Many collect figures of their favourite movie characters and stars. From Storm Troopers to Sarah Connor, these plastic pieces make amazing additions to a memorabilia showcase. Some items can even become valuable over time, as collectors of original Star Wars figures can attest. Whether you want to find new toys for your kids or you are an avid collector yourself, you can discover a large inventory of items on eBay. Browse precious collectibles, funny figurines, and pocket-sized adventure heroes. Find figures from your favourite film franchises, video game titles, or Manga books.