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The evolution of medical science is quite intriguing. Take a step back in time and discover where it all began with the wide selection of turn-of-the-century products on eBay that can spark the imagination and provide a detailed look at the advances that have taken place in the world of medicine.

Delight in glass bottles and vials used for homeopathic cures that people in the 1800s and early 1900s depended on to cure everything from a toothache to yellow fever. Offered in a wide array of colours and styles, these antique medicine bottles make the perfect decor for the home as well as a modern-day medical office.

Leather medicine bags carried by dedicated doctors that made home visits a way of life display the weathered look of years gone by and delight curious minds. Vintage spectacles, brass microscopes, and antique medical tools that are anything but commonly found in a doctor's office or operating room in present day medicine still give way to the earliest beginnings of the field.

Medical science is filled with mysteries and amazement alike. Take a closer look at how medicine evolved into what it is today. Glass prosthetic eyes, oil lamp microscope lights, and barometers that doctors of yesterday depended on illuminate the practices and health needs of a bygone period.

When seeking relics of the early beginnings of medicine and science, the selection tools found on eBay make it easy to find the right products with ease. Choose from dentistry, optical, pharmaceutical and apothecary, or one of the many other categories that may be of specific interest. Feed the imagination and keep the history of medicine alive for generations to come.