Newborns don't come with an instruction manual, but having the essential baby products from the start provides convenience and ease of mind to new parents. Find must-have baby gear from sellers on eBay, and be prepared to welcome the incoming bundle of joy into your life.

Baby monitors grant new parents peace of mind when they can listen to their baby sleeping in another room. A variety of monitors come with a range of functions, from basic audio versions to high-tech video devices that sync with your smartphone. In addition, electronic breast pumps, bottles, nursing bras, and nursing pads make life easier for a breastfeeding mom on-the-go.

Infants and parents alike enjoy a relaxing walk around the park or neighbourhood, and baby strollers and joggers give parents and newborns the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors together. Wearable baby carriers work well for extra cuddle time, and provide the closeness babies need while leaving mom and dad's arms free to do other things.

Toys and activity mats for babies are more than just fun entertainment; they provide necessary stimulation for early brain development. Newborns form neurological pathways simply by interacting with the world around them. Stimulate this critical time in your baby's development by giving him or her high-contrast toys such as rattles, stuffed animals, and play mats.

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