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Step out of the house and you'll be hard-pressed to see anyone not using a cell phone. What was once deemed a luxury is now a must-have item, and it seems that new models arrive on the scene faster than you can change your socks. If you find yourself in the stone age of technology with an outdated phone or no phone at all, turn to the selection of cell phones and smartphones on eBay and bring yourself back to the current century. Find all of the latest phones and accessories to ensure that you're always connected, no matter where you are.

While some people don't have a preference as to the type of phone they use, there are others whose loyalty lies thick with a certain provider or platform. Luckily, there are plenty of phones from top providers like Samsung, LG, and Apple to appease the most discriminating buyers. Sellers on eBay also offer prepaid phones for those who don't want to be locked down to a monthly contract with a provider.

Because the cell phone is used so frequently, there is a likely chance that the screen could break if not protected. The force of gravity is the phone's worst enemy, and many people have dropped their phones and been forced to watch helplessly as it smashes into a million pieces. To combat this problem, cell phone accessories like hard cases and screen protectors are a must. These peripherals are necessary to keep the phone intact, but there are plenty other add-ons that enhance the use of the cell phone, including headsets, adapters, and speakers. With the large selection of cell phones and accessories on eBay, there's no need to feel embarrassed by your technological deficiencies the next time you leave the house.