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For a hobby that meets the gold standard, collecting national and international coins is an excellent choice. Sellers on eBay offer a large selection of rare coins and recent issues, including used and uncirculated coins, commemorative issues, and collector's sets.

If you are new to numismatics (collecting and studying coins), it's time to do some research. There are useful resource books on eBay that list popular coins with their year of issue, identifying marks, history, and price guides. Purchase new or secondhand books to build your reference library and expand your numismatic knowledge.

With so many options for building a collection, it helps to have a theme or particular field of expertise to focus on. For fans of Americana, a great place to start is a collection of 50 State Quarters. Launching in 1999, the 50 State Quarters programme comprises a set of limited edition coins honouring each of the nation's states in the order they ratified the Constitution or entered the Union. Assembled in an attractive frame, this collection makes an eye-catching focal point for a feature wall.

To give your collection a royal seal of approval, consider British colonial coins from throughout history, while uncirculated coin sets from the Royal Canadian Mint offer an attractive aesthetic and come in a special presentation pack with a certificate of authentication. Alternatively, expand your collection across continents and through time with medieval pieces that are full of history.

Whether you are building an attractive display piece or building a portfolio of valuable assets, sellers on eBay have all of the coins, banknotes, and commemorative issues you need to make a collection rich with character.