Collectibles & Art

From paintings and sketches to sculptures and textile prints, sellers on eBay offer a large selection of art collectibles to choose from. Place a Salvador Dali above the living room sofa to add an aesthetically pleasing conversation piece, or express the strength of your cultural heritage with a print of a Holy Temple in Israel. Adorn your mantelpiece with a hand carved stone sculpture or grace your shelves with a bronze angel or resin Roman gladiator. Whatever you are seeking, your choices of collectible art are nearly endless on eBay.

Art media choices include drawings, photographs, prints, and posters. Express your love for nature with pencil sketches of animals or original charcoal studies of the human form. Photography adds realism to your decor and often features bright, lively colours for cheery entryways and family rooms, while prints allow for works of art to be reproduced and distributed widely, letting you find your favourite fine art.

Consider a watercolour painting that casts a soft hue fitting for a pastel bedroom. Paintings originate from all over the world, which might inspire you to choose French impressionism, hand painted dragons on Thai felt, or acrylic Brazilian cubism, depending on the mood you wish to set.

For fine accents to your curio cabinet and mantelpiece, consider sculptures and carvings such as a marble bust of Alexander the Great to express your love for history or a bronze statue of The Thinker for inspiration. Whatever your muse, the choices of art have literally just begun.