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Comic books continue to thrill and entertain new generations of fans, with courageous heroes battling complex villains against colossal odds while the universe hangs in the balance. Comic book collecting is a time-honoured hobby with worldwide appeal.

The Golden Age of comic books introduced many of the beloved characters that devotees still adore. Superman, Batman, and Captain America became household names during the Golden Age, and they even hold the lead roles in today's movies and television shows. During the Silver Age of comics, writer Stan Lee rose to fame, and sellers on eBay offer hobbyists the chance to collect comics signed by Lee and other popular writers, including Carmine Infantino and Gardner Fox. Serious collectors can find comic books that are still in the original plastic wrapping, those with limited-edition cover art, and special books offered only to subscribers of certain mailing programs.

Find the missing issue you have been searching for. Invest in rare comics for future profit. Curate comics by theme, such as a character or time period, to appreciate the advancements and progression in writing and artwork. You can even round out a comic book collection with character figurines.

Whether you are looking for a dust-resistant and UV-proof display case for a rare gem, or you are on the hunt for a special-edition chess set with pieces crafted to look like your favourite characters, sellers on eBay offer a wide range of memorabilia and storage tools to round out or preserve a collection.