Home Décor

Lighting2' x 3'4' x 6'5' x 8'8' x 10'9' x 12'
Window TreatmentsLED Lights

Home decor is more than just clocks, candles, and cabinets. It is an expression of your individuality, your family, and even your values. Show off your own unique style in your lively living space. Browse on eBay for top-of-the-line brands and well-known designers, or go for affordable pieces to complement what you already have. Either way, decking out your home is more than just fun; it is all-out adventure with so many inspiring options.

Shed new light on dull corners with sconces, chandeliers, and energy-efficient light bulbs. New window treatments, curtains, and blinds can change the way sunshine streams through your windows. Rustic-style lanterns or vintage candelabra can transform the feel of a corridor. Lanterns and torches bring atmosphere to a backyard garden or front porch.

Make simple home décor changes to highlight your favourite patterns, colours, and prints. Add a shaggy area rug to soften up your hardwood floors. Accent pillows in a bold colour or graphic print can perk up an old sofa. Vinyl wall decals, oversized letters, or photo frame collages turn a blank wall into an attractive focal point. Posters and prints, shadow boxes, and even tapestries bring life to dead spots in the house.

Touch on all the senses by bringing fresh fragrances to the different areas of your abode. Diffuse a blend of essential oils in your bedroom, or use aromatic wax melts in flavours like vanilla, cinnamon, and pine to set the tone in a living room.

It's easy to find the decor accents you need to transform your house into a home from top to bottom. Sellers on eBay offer everything from the antique to the avant-garde so that your quarters reflect your personal style.