Direct From the Artist

Mixed Media & CollageTextile Art
Get your hands on artwork directly from the artist and fill your home or office with the creative pieces that speak to your artistic flair. From magnificent paintings crafted with skillful hands in oil paint, watercolour, and acrylics to high-quality prints and recreations of your favourite works of art from the past, whatever it is that you want is found right in the vast inventory that eBay has to offer.

Line the walls of your home or office with fantastic paintings in a variety of styles, from folk art and primitive paintings to modern and contemporary pieces, and you have a look that is totally your own, reflective of the artistic styles you like the most. Shopping for paintings on eBay is easy, with access to work both up-and-coming artists and those that are well-known and well-established. Pick from amongst your favourites or go with art from an artist who is all new, either way, the limitless list of choices is bound to inspire you to view artwork in a new light.

If paintings and prints are not your thing, find art in just about any other form, from sculptures to display on a shelf to intriguing collaborative pieces that offer a mix of mediums. Textile art always makes a statement in whatever room it is displayed, photographs capture the moments of life in still form, and intricate collages have so much to look at, it can sometimes take days to come to a conclusion about the impression. Whatever artistic creation it is that you enjoy the most, eBay has it to offer right from those who created it.