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It is no secret that many children have a soft spot for dolls and bears. From birth until well into adulthood, these cute, cuddly companions inspire cherished memories. For small children, teddy bears and plush toys become beloved friends that accompany them from the playground to preschool. They drink from the finest china at backyard tea parties and keep the monsters under the bed from creeping out at night. Barbie is the first fashion icon for many girls, and she embodies all things glitzy and glamourous. Putting together trendy ensembles from the vast array available on eBay and decorating her dream house can fill hours of playtime as kids dream of their grown-up lives to come.

For many people, dolls and bears are more than just toys. Vintage versions of these childhood favourites can be valuable collectibles that future generations treasure. Finely crafted Victorian dollhouses offer a glimpse into the past. Stock up on tiny beds, dressers, chairs, tables, plates, lamps, and other decor to create a miniature showpiece. Delicate works of art, porcelain dolls are as fun to display as they are to collect. Use stands and other posing tools to display antique, vintage, and modern dolls, and use cases to carefully preserve the most valuable items in your collection.

Whether you want to find an adorable teddy bear for your niece's birthday gift or you are an avid collector of antique Bisque dolls, sellers on eBay offer a large inventory of choices. Discover a variety of dolls, bears, clothing, and accessories in different sizes and colours. Unleash your creative side with a selection of bear and doll making supplies, and fashion your own one-of-a-kind keepsake.