Can you buy an iPhone without a contract?

iPhones lacking contracts are called "unlocked" devices and do not require a service plan agreement upon purchase. Although buying an unlocked iPhone without a contract allows for greater freedom when choosing a provider, it is important to note that not all major service providers offer plans that are compatible with iPhones. So, before purchasing an unlocked iPhone, shoppers need to check with their provider of choice and make sure that they have an acceptable plan to suit their desired unlocked iPhone model.

What is a factory unlocked iPhone?

A factory unlocked iPhone is a device that has been unlocked by Apple to work with any suitable service provider. It typically lacks a SIM card and has basic email and app capabilities when on a wireless network. In order to make and receive phone calls as well as use other major iPhone functions, consumers need to attach a call plan to an unlocked iPhone via a service provider. Factory unlocked iPhones are ideal for consumers who change service providers often, as they simply insert a new SIM card and choose a month-to-month plan.

How often are new iPhones released?

Ever since the original iPhone launched in June 2007, Apple has steadily released a new version each year between June and October with upgraded designs and the latest tech features. Apple typically holds an annual symposium called the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, during which it explores the upcoming iPhone and iOS releases and announces official launch dates.