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In today's world of computer technology and automated everything, it is easy to forget the tools that were required to complete some of the tasks that seem so basic today. In the dollars and cents universe, merchants needed to be especially careful and concise when typing invoices or measuring units. Mercantile antiques found on eBay serve as classic and important reminders of just how far the business world has come since days of yore.

Anyone in the newspaper industry knows that the sun rises and sets on deadlines. Typing an article on the computer can be a hassle, but it is nothing when compared to the painstaking process that was involved with the letterpresses of old. Find vintage letterpresses on eBay and relive the experience of setting page by page of type. And if you need another reason to feel grateful for your computer, type for a few hours on a vintage typewriter. While an antique piece is a wonderful addition to a home study, the perfection required for its use leaves many people grateful for the spellcheck and easy editing in today's word processing programs.

Go into the deli today and watch as the cashier places your purchase on the scale and instantly gets a digital readout. In the not-so-distant past, this did not happen. Instead, all measurements were taken on a weight scale, like an egg scale or a tabletop scale. While they do not have the convenience of instant digital readouts, many of these scales work just as well as they did years ago, and adding one to your kitchen can be a fun way to keep a vintage vibe in your home. Sellers on eBay offer a wide range of these collectibles, making it easy for you to own a piece of the past.