Model Railroads & Trains

Build an ambitious replica of the original Canadian Pacific Railway or create a miniature subway system in the basement. Model railroads and trains are fantastic toys that let you or your children use the power of the imagination to produce lifelike tracks and scenes. Simply choose a scale system and get started building your model. The scale describes the size of the tracks, trains, and accessories, with the largest starting at the first letters of the alphabet. Popular systems include Z scale, TT scale, S scale, N scale, HO scale, OO scale, O scale, G scale, and F scale.

Gauge is another common model railroad term that describes the measurement between rails. Earlier model systems may use alternate systems such as standard gauge, and some brands such as Live Steam use their own systems. Be sure to choose pieces from the same scale and gauge system, as these parts are compatible with one another.

There are several different types of items to use in your model railroad. Tracks let you lay down the groundwork for your creation, and you can add trestles, bridges, and tunnels to impart more depth to your landscape. Train parts such as engines, carriages, and cabooses form the centrepiece of your railway scenes; you can base your setup on an existing rail company or dream up your own ideas.

Add buildings to make your models more realistic. You can build railway stations, houses, skyscrapers, warehouses, or town centres to produce your own railroad hub. Finish off your model with trees, bushes, people, benches, and other accessories. The sellers on eBay offer a large inventory of items for completing your creation. You can also discover handy tools such as price guides and magazines.