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Art Nouveau Victorian
Arts CraftsMidCentury Modernism
Homeowners have a variety of decorating options to enjoy when it comes to including antiques in their design plans. Whether they select one special piece to use as a decorative accent or outfit their homes in antique furniture that belongs to a single period, sellers on eBay offer a large selection of antiques from varying periods and styles.

Add a set of Tiffany Chrysanthemum candelabras to the dining room table or fireplace mantle for a pop of style from the aesthetic movement, or add a Victorian parlor lamp to a side table for a soft, romantic touch in the living area. Buyers can choose from periods and styles including the Arts and Crafts movement, Art Deco and Art Nouveau. They can also find a large selection of mid century modern furniture and decorative items on eBay.

To get the most design impact from the purchase, buyers can rely on tried and true styling tricks to highlight their antiques and create a curated collection rather than a museum-like vibe. Some of the tricks include grouping antique objects by colour for a sleek, cohesive appearance. Concentrating antiques in a few special areas lets the items shine as a focal point, while mixing styles gives the collection a hip, fresh look.

Don't be afraid to pair a mid-century modern wall clock with Art Nouveau light fixtures. The sheer variety of antique furnishings available on eBay provides endless options for homeowners to create customised designs. To fully appreciate your pieces, keep antiques close at hand. Keeping Art Deco sculptures within easy reach, or building the living area around a mid-century modern coffee table, adds an instant conversation piece to the room that you don't have to appreciate from afar.