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Leave behind the crowds and pricey tickets, and bring the movies to you with a home theatre system. The right television, DVD or Blu-ray player, and high-quality audio system can transform your living room into a screening room. Popping in a movie becomes an eye-opening experience with surround sound, an HD-quality picture, and even 3D technology. Sellers on eBay offer everything needed to make your home an entertainment mecca.

To quickly upgrade your viewing experience, start with an HDTV, Smart TV, or LED TV, along with a wall mount or stand to raise the screen to an optimal height for the best viewing. From there you can choose a complete home theatre audio set that includes a receiver, subwoofer, and speakers, or you can opt to piece together your own component system to customize the sound to your individual space. Don't worry about unsightly wires tangling their way through your living room, either. Wireless speakers come with minimal hassle. For a larger-than-life effect, consider installing a ceiling projector and screen instead of a traditional television. Once your setup is complete, you may find your friends gathering at your house and not the theatre for the latest premiere.

Once your home theatre is established, take precautions to ensure that your family and possessions are safe. A home surveillance system can offer that peace of mind. Set up security cameras on the perimeter of your property for a set of eyes in the sky, or simply install a Wi-Fi doorbell by the front door so you can take a peek at visitors. From home entertainment to home security, you can find great deals on trusted brands such as Sony, Samsung, and Bose, from sellers on eBay.