Winter Sports

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Enjoy the winter with outdoor sports that provide plenty of exercise and help prevent cabin fever. Glide across the largest snowy meadow with cross country skis from Völkl or Atomic brands or enjoy the freedom of flying down a snowy mountain on skis that support your feet and provide a smooth ride. Snowboarders can find a large selection of snowboarding gear on eBay including boots, goggles, and helmets for ultimate protection when heading down a steep mountain or just learning the basics on the beginner's hill.

Have fun with the family by navigating snowy terrain on a large tube that glides across the snow's surface or pulls seamlessly behind a snowmobile. Toboggans and sleds work well for children who want to have some fun in the snow but aren't ready to strap on a pair of skis or a snowboard.

If your idea of fun in the snow doesn't include careening down a hill at high speeds, there is always the option to go enjoy the chilly air on a nature hike. With snowshoes by brands like Denali and Yukon, those that prefer a slower pace can trek through the snow and tackle difficult terrain with ease.

Don't let the cold temperatures cut your day short. Hats, gloves, face masks, and insulated snow boots help prevent frostbite and make winter sports more enjoyable. With water- and chill-proof jackets by The North Face, Mammut, and Marmot, sellers on eBay have plenty of winter gear to help you stay warm on the slopes, on the trail, or just in the backyard. If you haven't planned your winter getaway yet, you can find ski lift vouchers, tickets, and ski tours on eBay for places like New York, Vermont, and Colorado.