Promoted Listings Advanced (BETA)

Get the high visibility you want and the control you need.

What is Promoted Listings Advanced?

Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns give you the high visibility you want and the control you need. Drive traffic to your listings with preferred access to the top slots of search results using keyword and budget controls. Advanced campaigns are based on a cost-per-click model, which means that you pay per click on your ads.

Promoted Listings Advanced is available to Above Standard or Top Rated sellers with enough account activity.

Key benefits


Get top visibility

Advanced ads will show in the top slots of search results across all platforms.


Enhanced budget controls

Choose how much each click is worth to you and never pay more than the daily budget you set.


Strategic keyword selection

Bid on the keywords that matter to you–ones that will help you achieve your goals on eBay.

Getting started

To create a new campaign:

  1. Go to Seller Hub
  2. Hover over the Marketing Tab
  3. Click on Advertising dashboard from the dropdown menu

Once you’ve reached your advertising dashboard, click the Create new campaign button.

You’ll have the option to create a Promoted Listings Standard campaign or a Promoted Listings Advanced campaign. Click the Create campaign button in the Promoted Listings Advanced box.

Best practices

Create strategic ad groups

We recommend building effective ad groups by organizing your listings according to a common goal or category. Grouping together similar listings allows you to target them with the same set of keywords.

Use suggested keywords

Suggested keywords are search terms that we’ve determined are relevant and likely to perform well in your ad group. We evaluate keywords based on how frequently they’ve been used in recent searches and how relevant those searches are to the listings in your ad group. These keyword suggestions are designed to help you target buyers who are actively looking for items like yours. For best results, we recommend adding at least 10-15 keywords per unique product type in each ad group.

Bid competitively

To help optimize campaigns, we provide you with suggested bids and bid ranges for all suggested keywords. 

Suggested bids and bid ranges are derived from a variety of factors, including the selected keyword match type, your listings' relevancy to the keyword, and the aggregated bids from listings that have received clicks in the top slots of the search results page. Using the suggested bids and bid ranges can help take the guesswork out of setting competitive bids.

Continue to optimize your campaigns

Keep an eye on your campaign performance to ensure your ad groups remain effective. Suggested keywords and bids can change over time, so we suggest monitoring your campaign performance and making any needed changes to remain competitive.

Ready to apply these best practices?

Performance and reporting

Advertising dashboard

From your advertising dashboard, you can see a quick overview of how your campaigns are performing. Insights include:

  • Account-level summary of the daily performance of your Advanced campaigns
  • Campaign-level summary of the performance data for all of your Advanced campaigns

Campaign dashboard 

From your Campaign dashboard, you can see detailed reporting and make edits quickly. Insights include:

  • Ad group-level summary of the performance data for your campaign
  • Keyword-level summary of the performance data for your campaign
  • Listing-level summary of the performance data for your campaign

To get there, go to your Advertising dashboard, select Promoted Listings Advanced from the Campaign type drop down, and click on the campaign name in the campaign section of the page.

Downloadable reports

You also have the ability to download a .csv file of your performance data to help you further analyze your campaigns. Reports include:

  • Listing report: A listing-level view of the performance of each listing in your campaign
  • Keyword report: A keyword-level view of the performance data for each keyword in your campaign
  • Search query report: A report of all the buyer search queries that led to clicks on your Advanced ads for each campaign