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Unique Artistic Film

I had been searching for this film for quite a while. I had seen it's trailer and knew I had to see it, but it's off beat style keept it from being in the theater very long. I am facinated by all types of animation, and this format of filming and then coloring over the film is incredible. When Shwab started using the same technique for it's commercials, it reminded me I wanted to see it again, and of course, I found IT on Ebay!

The story is great and has a couple of good twists in it that had me yelling at Downey's character mostly. He's pretty much a creep in the film. The last few minutes of the film all your questions are answered and you will be in disbelief of what happend to the main character, Kiano Reeves. The ending did leave me a little disappointed and wanting a better resolution, but it is a good film to watch.

I will say that you really have to watch it twice, because I found the first time I watched it, I was paying more attention to the actual animation over the story. Once you get past that, you will like the story too. I had the version with the bonus features about how they did the animaiton and that was a lot of fun to see. These artists are incredible, so check out that part too.
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A Scanner Darkly

A Scanner Darkly, produced by George Clooney, is an interesting and unusual animated movie. This movie is not for everyone, if you don't like animation, don't watch this film. This movie delivers a deep message and lesson about drug policy and the way it affects people. Keanu Reeves is a undercover drug enforcement officer in the future, and gives new meaning to falling "too" deep undercover. Robert Downey Jr and Woody Harrelson are brilliant, and make you laugh throughout the film, sometimes taking away the serious set and feel of the movie, which I think was the director's intention. Rory Cochrane is also great as their druggie friend. Winona Ryder's character rounds out the all-star cast. If you enjoy movies that deliver a deep message, and make you think, while entertaining at the same time, A Scanner Darkly is for you. 4 Stars in my opionion out of 5.Read full review...


good animation

Given the film 's release,2006, the issues covered are interesting today in 2015. My reason for buying the film and of course the bonus about the film on dvd. However, though I am a fan of all the actors, My main interest in the film was the film or the artwork. I am Not a professional artist, I am a craftsperson. I have a strong interest in art. So I am fascinated with styles, and techniques as a viewer. Given the topic, I was wondering if the style of animation would influence or effect me about the themes portrayed about addictions, drug use explored in the film. So this review is not one that is very useful for the film as a topic or a movie.Read full review...


Great Cast, all the misfits

I caught a glimose of the real summary before writing this. I kind of remember now what part of the movie was about, because up unti reading that I only remembered one thing, the whole plot, the purpose of making the DRUGS. You will feel like you are buzzing, trust me we couldnt directly watch it and out of the corner of our eye it was still a trippy movie motion picture. On top of the film taken, animation plays with every inch of the screen, everybody is changing colors, the screen does not ever stop buzzing with electrifying animation. It was very neat that Orange County CA is the setting and if you live here you will notice unmistakable landmarks.Read full review...


Just say no to drugs and bugs.

If Nancy Reagan could have just used this movie instead of the fried eggs for her "Say no to drugs" campaign, nobody would ever do drugs again. Watching the movie, you kind of feel like you are stumbling around, trying to get a grip on what is real and what is not real. A large part of this is due to the rotoscoping technique that was used to make this movie. Rotoscoping is where an animation is traced off of a filmed scene. It give the whole movie a real trompe de ole look (fool the eye, an art term for paintings that essentially work as optical illusions).
The actors in this movie give great performances, and I especially loved Woody Harrelson as Ernie Luckman, the substance D user who gets attacked by non-existent bugs.
Despite its very serious theme about how drug use affects society, and the destructive measures taking by government agencies trying to stop drug use, this is also a very funny movie. It's not funny in a way that the characters throw one zinger after another, though. It's funny because the characters get in these far out conversations, and as the dialogue goes on, the scenarios get more and more rediculous, but the characters are still taking what they are saying very, very seriously, so it just becomes absurd.
Anyway, if you have some small children that you would like to prevent from using drugs, just show them this movie, and then tell them if they do drugs, they'll end up just like those guys. Those kids probably will be afraid to take baby asprin afterwards.
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A Scanner Darkly (2006, DVD)

Anaheim, California, the near future. Bob Arctor (Reeves), an addict to the drug Substance D, is actually an undercover cop out to bust the D network. Bob’s bosses, who don’t know his cover story, order him to spy on himself, causing his grip on reality to be shaken by his schizoid way of life.

For Dick fans, this is pure, uncut, grade-A dope. For others, it’s a series of dizzying moments with an overall downer effect. Still, its intelligence makes it near-essential viewing.
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A Sacnner Darkly - A Madcap World

This is an awesome mind trip of a movie. Based on a future gone mad with a drug called "substance d" and with the help of the government, nobody trusts anybody. This film has so many original ideas, characters, and a really weird plotline, and tries to give the reader a perception of drug use and abuse and its effects on the mind, friends, family, and personal life. If this movie has any hidden agendas it would have to be that of an anti-drug novel, created in the memory of all of those still lost and never found, the casualties of the 60's, and 70's, and future generations. It's really sad in my opinion, how so many are near yet so far away to ever step back through the door they created. The mind is a fragile thing, don't waste it.

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One of my faves

You may have to watch twice to fully understand and appreciate this movie but it's worth it. Love the overlaying graphic novel look which is awesome in its own right. Featuring some of my favorite actors, this is definitely a keeper.Read full review...

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Artistic view into drug addiction, cartoonist style, great for film study

Odd look into drug addiction. It's artistic to say the least. Very interesting film style with cartoonist flare. Plot was rather jumbled at times and didnt keep me personally interested at the start, yet it was good enough for me to finish. it wasn't until more than half way in that I became connected to the story. And the ending is good, kept my full attention in the last 30 minutes, yet it leaves you hanging. I definately sugggest watching if you are a fan of creative independent-style film work or if you plan to study film or work in film.Read full review...


Does the Scanner see Darkly?

WOW...That's all I can say about this movie. My mind was blown the first time I watched it so I immediately restarted it and watched it again. Unlike anything ever seen before this movie transports you to another way of thinking. Set in the too soon future of 7 years from now...this movie is fully painted cells of live action. The actors in this movie I feel put on some of their best performances to date. Robert Downey Jr. is an amazing actor and that is evident in this is Woody Harleson....Great performances by everyone...But, the acting isn't the only thing that makes this movie stand out, it's the style of animation.

CHECK THIS MOVIE OUT at least rent it. If you love Blade Runner and other movies like that this movie will appeal to you on many levels . This movie makes many statements about the world we live in and the world we will soon live in if things continue the way they are.

I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!!!! I'm already wanting to watch it again just sitting here and talking about it with you. My Fiance loved it also....but we are huge animation fans..(Anyone seen Renaissance? another great animated movie)

So, should you want to see this movie? I believe that everyone should see this movie. Albeit, most will find it boring and confusing...My hope is that it will make you think about the world we live in. So, if you are looking for a different type of movie to watch then watch this movie.
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