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Love this game! One of the main reasons I still keep my old xbox 360 kinect. Graphics are great, story is interesting and the gameplay is awesome.

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A little slower paced game.

Game works well. Have no real complaints about it except it’s a little slow paced for me. I enjoy faster paced games like dancing and sports competition games.


So-so. Not a must have

I am a long-time fan of Peter Moleneux (spelling?). I go all the way back to his stuff from the late 80s. Even though I found Fable II pretty terrible, I decided to cut him slack & give this one a shot.

Its actually pretty mediocre. The Kinect interface is about the only strong point. But it tells you to sit down. So you are not using your legs at all. So its kind of a half-kinect interface.

So far the game is 100% linear. The original Fable was "kinda" linear, but gave you the option of wandering around, developing your character & interacting with all sorts of people. This one is only for the Fable Completist, who absolutely must play every Fable game out there.

But hey, you get to pet a pretty horsie!
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It is not like a normal Fable, but kinect made it exciting!

I have just recently beaten this game and decided to give some input on the game. My complete rating to this game is based on a kinect gamer. I am only giving this 5 stars because the use of kinect was done right and was fun and exciting.

If you are a big Fable fan, chances are you will not like this game. I gave this game 5 stars because there was a real challenge on some boss fights. You had to really get the spells down and be able to multitask with both hands. The story was pretty good and there are a lot of extras!

I would suggest giving this game a try if you want to see the true power of kinect with your hands. It is neat and pretty responsive to an extent. Some things get annoying though. I truly hated the fact I couldn't make decisions in the game. I really enjoyed the old fable games when I got to adventure around. This game is a one set path with no options and you just follow along.

2/5 for a Fable story since there are no choices.
5/5 for a kinect game since it was done perfectly!
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My grandson son absolutley loves this game

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Amazing product and the price was unbelievably cheap!!!

Well I bought it for my bf cause Hes fable obsessed. The first and second games were amazing so I knew my bf would love this one but it turned out this fable got me more hooked then the first an second manly because instead of just using the controller you actually get to feel like the character himself its a lot more fun then any fable in my opinion atleast, because you get the actual joy of feeling like your in the game and the effects were amazing would I buy this game again? 110% I would, I recommend this game 100% but go by your own judgement of how you think you'd like it but let me tell you this much the trailers won't give you the feeling of actually being in the game where as the actual game will have no dislikes or anything so glad I bought it!Read full review...


Good game


Great product

Excellent game and a key part to end "The Fable"series and a key game for any and all game collectors

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Good playing


To much horse back ridding. But the spell castings cool.

I like the Fable series and have played the other 3, defeating them all. This game is week. It uses the kinect so you must sit in front and a lot of the game is horse back ridding, serious. You are steering your horse and making it go faster for the first bit. The magic part is pretty cool though. But I wouldn't expect most people to want to ride a horse just to get to the good part. It starts with a ton of cut scenes with ridding. I'm like when do I get to fight. The magic casting part is cool. :)Read full review...

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