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Nice upgrade for your Lenovo T400 or SL510

I upgraded a Lenovo T400 using T9550 (2.66GHz) and a SL510 shipping with a T3500 (2.1GHz) 800 MHz FSB with the T9600 and it works great in both machines. Impressive for the SL510 that got a very noticable improvement in performance and automatically changed the FSB to operate at 1GHz. There are even faster processors available like T9800 and X9100 but they are much pricier.Read full review...

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Best upgrade solution for your 10year old lappy

My old lappy had a T3200 and decided to upgrade to this CPU and i noticed a diference with development aplications such has Netbeans and android studio.
Also it unlocked the Virtualization features such has Hyper-V and x64 bit emulationRead full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: xuanwen-2011



It's like I'm using totally different computer now, way snappier. 2.8ghz dual core for $10, easy install.....pretty much the best I'm going to do with my old motherboard

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Dell 1545 Laptop

Installed this myself after watching youtube videos. Got some Artic Silver 5 thermal paste and popped this new processor in. While it improved my Windows Experience Score from a 5.2 to 6.4 for processor and memory, it didn't seem to make a huge difference in overall performance when surfing the web. I recommend it and a SSD drive to bring the Dell 1545 back to life. The SSD probably makes the biggest difference. I certainly don't regret installing this processor, as I know it is faster, and it was fun and easy to install.Read full review...

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The best Core 2 Duo Laptop CPU

First, before you buy this CPU make sure it fits your laptop CPU socket(Socket P 478-pins). You can download CPU-Z to check that out(it will show it under "Package"). Also, that you or a friend knows how to install it(main problem is to open the laptop). Don't think on going to Best Buy, Office Depot, Circuit City, etc. because I'm pretty sure they don't do upgrades to laptops CPU, and if they do you gonna have to pay over the hundreds. So if you have all this set you are ready to get this best CPU. Oh I forgot you also need thermal paste. I recommend you use this one "Arctic Silver 5" which you can get on Amazon for a really good price( around $4) and is one of the best. Hope this helps. Enjoy it !!!!Read full review...


reasonable performance nowadays

HP4510s laptop: had to flash on F.20 BIOS, CPU temp. reached 90°C after 1 hour of OCCT, but not throttling (Arctic MX4). Works as I expect, satisfied.

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Great way to upgrade your old laptop.

I changed my old Celeron 925 CPU (eMachines E-528) by this one. It took about 10 min to do it. Very easy. Works beautiful. Much faster. Thanks.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: beidouxing96


A great processor which is very powerful and a very good price

This processor is absolutely the best thing I ever bought . T9xxx whole series of processors are the best processors for a good price, which can upgrade your older laptop . Alone at home I have two laptops with these processors. In an older laptop with DDR2 memory , I bought a T9300 processor . The second newer laptop with DDR3 I bought here on eBay processor T9600 and I have to admit that the performance of this processor is amazing . The buffer is comparable with Intel Core i7 i7 and many even have such a large buffer. Although these processors have Turbo Boost, but so have some of the older i7 Turbo contain . Processor T9600 has a very high frequency of 2.8 Ghz , so that in itself is quite fast , and requires further acceleration. Advantage T9600 processor is the price / performance ratio . I have to admit that these processors are in my view the best for anyone who wishes from your old computer to a much more powerful notebook.Read full review...


New nice and it's brand new or looks brand new.

I received it and I am waiting for my thermal grease. I am completely positive I will enjoy this CPU as a repair purchase. I may buy another one. It gets received in a bubble pack and is protected by cardboard and CPU is in a plastic shell with the pins protected by a pinkish colored spongy thing. I never bought a CPU this way.
Thank you!
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Great CPU chip for laptop upgrade.

CPU is exactly as described. Very clean and looked like new. Operates beautifully in my laptop. It brought new life to an older computer. Came with enough thermal paste for installation. Thank you.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: lotuses168

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