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Perfect mouse for any use, smaller sized than most and very comfortable!

Fits my small hand perfectly and I bought it for that reason, then found out what a well built and responsive mouse it truly is! I bought another one for my Mac, as well as my Windows, because it works exceptionally well with both computers!

Love the long lasting built in power pack which means I don't have to worry about changing batteries, it charges quickly and easily. I just plug it in overnight once a week and have not run low on power yet!

This is the first wireless mouse I have used that is as responsive as a wired mouse, but so much easier and fun to use. I am delighted that it works on multiple devices and is so easy to change the signal with just a button.

Exceptionally great product!
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by Top critical review

NOT a Bluetooth mouse!

I don't expect much from a Bluetooth mouse. I expect it to point. I expect it to click. And, I expect it to be easily added as a Bluetooth device. This mouse FAILED because it cannot be added as a Bluetooth device, as advertised. I was looking forward to tossing the dongle that came with it in the trash - because, I didn't want a mouse that requires a dongle. I wanted a Bluetooth mouse. But, no, I had to use the dongle and install the software to use this mouse. It absolutely could not be detected by my Windows desktop computer as a Bluetooth mouse. So, it takes up a USB port, which makes me want to throw the whole thing in the trash! This is 2019, Logitech! Why can't you make a Bluetooth mouse that just connects and works? Why must you insist on occupying one of my USB ports with your silly little dongle?Read full review...

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I'd buy it again for myself, and I would gift it to someone all the same. Great tool.

To be completely honest, I mistakenly bought this thinking I got the deal of a lifetime on an MX m
Master 2S... didnt even realize my mistake till a few days after using it. Which I'll probably still go out and buy, but judging this mouse off what it's supposed to do, it's amazing. I think it's only downfall would be the device selector located on it's belly and you have to awkwardly pick it up, flip it over and click, I feel like valley girl just saying that I'm my head... it's pretty stupid thing to be upset about considering I eliminated 1-2 keyboards and mice. It's also pretty stupid that someone didnt stop production at the factory and go "we screwed up Bob... No, no, no, trust me.... you'll see how stupid we are in just a second". Then relocate the button to anywhere my hand could reach it while gliding To my next click... buuutt, I'm going to let that slide because you can't make money off a second if you get it right the first time. I'm not even being sarcastic... #TeamCapitalism. If you're kicking around spending the money, just spend it, it's well worth it; I even find myself hooking up to my phones just for fun sometimes like a giant tool.Read full review...

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Logitech MX Anywhere 2S - First Impressions

The MX Anywhere 2s has a great ergonomic finish which is great news for users with big or huge hands. However, if you've experienced a wired mouse (even from Logitech), you'll notice the MX Anywhere is heavier than any other wired mouse you've ever used, which isn't a deal breaker for me, as I can get used to it. It also supports two scrolling modes and has Forward/Back controls on the side, but the middle mouse button has its location changed, which again, I can get used to.Read full review...

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BlueTooth works great and it tracks on any surface.

It is small, but that is expected. Balance and weighting is fine. Click noise is not bad.
Wi-Fi and BlueTooth range is great and there is no delay in responses while in BT mode.
It tracks on all surfaces. I even tried it on a CRT that was turned off. That is glass with a dark background.
Resolution is fine. I think that if I had purchased v1 of this product, I might be having trouble with the lesser resolution of the older v1 mouse.
It is USB rechargeable and is supposed to have power for 70 days. No confirmation, here.
It has an OFF switch, and I like that.
I programmed the center round button as the middle mouse button. All buttons are programmable but it lacks a selection of "scroll up" and "scroll down" which I use on my other gaming mice. This is used for scrolling up or down on web pages or documents.
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Solid performer

Rechargeable battery. Easy pairing with BT 4.0 devices. Has heft and feels solid. Comfortable and good size for portability and every day use. Has good button features that can be redefined by Logitech Options software. Rolls on just about any surface. Very responsive to activity. A couple of times it seemed to lag, but may have been that my programs hadn't fully loaded yet. Capable of connecting with up to 3 devices, but haven't tested this yet due to old BT 2.0 adapter in 2nd machine - waiting on new BT4.0 adapter. Supplied with USB unifying dongle too, but defeats my object of keeping the ports open for other things. Also claim to be able to move mose across screens from one computer to another - will test when connected. Running on Windows 10.
Alltold, a very good device that has met expectations. A little pricey, but I think the quality is there and have always been a Logitech fan for their solid keyboards and mice.
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Almost perfect in every way.

It is an excellent tool for my laptop. Very easy to install and work with.

My only complaint is the same for all mice of this style. I have a big hand and the mouse is small so a bit uncomfortable to work with for long periods of time. So about every hour or so I switch back to my old mouse which is almost twice the size. I gave it 4 stars for this reason. Otherwise, it would have been a 5-star rating.

I like it so much I purchased 2 more one for my wife and one for my daughter.
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It's the highest end mobile mouse logitech makes, but it feels a little cheaper than previous models

It has fantastic tracking, bluetooth and receiver connectivity, and can connect to 3 separate devices. The only negative, and this is only a personal issue, but perhaps because it doesn't have removable batteries (which is mostly a good thing), it just feels less substantial than the Logitech Marathon Mouse which I used previously.

It also has the "flow" technology which can supposedly transfer files in a drag/drop fashion between connected devices without having them networked. However, I haven't had a use for it.
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Love the mouse!

Connected easily to my Windows 10 laptop. Works great on my glass table. I love that it can connect to three computers using the button/lights on the bottom. It's very comfortable for my medium sized male hands.Read full review...

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Excellent mouse!!!

Very comfortable and with ease of use. Great features and long lasting rechargeable battery. I undoubtedly recommend it.

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