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Educational Doesn't Mean Boring

It depresses me that so many people are negative about this game. Just because Mario's adventure teaches you something doesn't mean that it's boring. In fact, I think that is what make this such a great game! Instead of simply bouncing around on Goomba heads, Mario takes us on a completely different adventure. The music is great, the graphics are awesome (if you consider the year of the title), and I find it fun to return Joan of Arc her shield. There are great 3D surfing sequences that deliver Mario to his destination in time. They do a great job of breaking up the 'history lesson' that so many people seem to be so down about. Personally, I enjoy the fact that Nintendo went this route and made learning fun.Read full review...


rare mario game

this is a rare game now a days. it teaches you historical evetns and places.great fo rentire family,learn somethin gnew about your world,or refresh your memiory on historical events.you need to use a map and compass,you use your brain to figure out clues of where it is on globe position.you can play it with yourself or with family members.the younger children will need help with this game,in locating where mario needs to go-position on which continent he needs to go to -them which country or state.yoshi is a great help in this game as well,you'll need ot locate him every time as well.truly a great game to learn historical times/events and having fun while doing it :) you do not need ot be a 'genius' to play this game,just have a map of the world handy to refer to for locations.most encyclopedia's have one ,or your internet do a -google engine search fo rone to print out.just a basic global map needed.Read full review...


Different from your normal Mario experiences.

The buttons were a little confusing on what to do and how everything worked. I youtubed how to start and then figured it out from there. Very informative -- forgot a lot of history since being in school!

You can complete the mission in the time machine to get the answers to the fill in the blanks.

Different from your normal mario adventures. A nice change of pace! The mini game to get to the time period is kind of weird
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mario time machine

item was just as described good value. quick shipping thank you

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Great game!

Mario games never get old to me and this is one of my favorite ones! I personally own just about every Mario Game ever made and love playing them. I really recommend that you buy this one because it is a really good one!Read full review...


mario's time machine is horrible!!!!!

this game scored a -1 for me. it sux bad. it is sooooooooooo boring and all it is is about history! i bought it because i thought that it could have been fun with mario and a time machine.It almost felt like one big test from grade 9 history! there is even a button for mario to jump, but there is no need whatsoever to use it. Even if you like history, thre game can easily be defeated within an hour.This was the worst game for super nintendo that i have ever seen. it is worth mabe a cent, but that is all.Read full review...


great conditon

i actually bought it for a friend and has no idea i bought it off ebay thats how great it looks. i have been impressed a couple times but so far this is one of them where am like okay i made the right choice thanks for giving me that ability to purchase this game and hope doing business with you againRead full review...


Interesting to say the least!

Not quite sure what to think about this game. It's kind of educational? NOT that we don't like to learn, it's just a little strange coming from Mario and not what we expected.


Learning History with Mario!

Great game but may be a little too difficult for younger kids. Mario must travel back in time to stop Bowser. It is a lot of fun if you know your history or want to learn more. Good music too!


Birthday Surprises!

I have to say the reason I purchased this Super Mario product was for my son's 6th birthday. He is totally obsessed with Super Mario and the gang, so this product will be one of his birthday surprises!Read full review...

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