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Just an outstanding system!!

first off this was a newegg deal for 2 games with the Xbox One X Star Wars Battlefront II and Call Of Duty WWII for $586 total after Tax!

system is completely worth every cent! I count it as a Gift from my Daddy God :D 3

so plays native 4k UHD blu-ray Disc so thats $299 right there saved!! plus the price of a gaming PC to Keep up with this system would also set you back another $1200 (not a Joke!)

there are many games (130+) that are supporting the One X enhancement program
not all are native 4k but that has to do with the publisher not the One X they are helping Support the program when they do the enhancement! such as FFXV Not true 4k but is enhanced! but forza being true 4k 60fps get it!? so is Battlefront and COD WWII

hope that clears some of the air I am hoping for a better patch for FFXV! it needs it! even as being done for exclusive One X enhancement!! they really just used the same thing with the PS4-Pro update and tossed that work to the One X causing it to share much of the dips and frame rate problems, Super Not happy about that!!! :'(
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it's really good and i like it a lot

Because of the limitations of the human eye, the difference between 4k and 8k probably won't impress like the leap up from 1080p. And the difference between 60FPS and 120FPS is nowhere near as impressive as 60 from 30, unless you're a hummingbird.

If I can understand that, I can understand that the gap between PC and console power is narrowing...

Introducing the X1X! :) The gap is narrow enough, man; forget your PC.

You think the Sony/Microsoft rivalry is heated? Nah. Sony fans are good guys enjoying a good product, and of COURSE I'd also like to own a PS4 Pro at some point.

No, it's the PC gamers who hate. Guys who spent north of $1500 on their rigs (sold at profit, mind you) when they could have enjoyed some incredible photorealism on the X1X (sold at a loss by Microsoft -- those angels!) for not 1/3 the $.

(Is Far Cry 5 @ 4k w/ HDR beautiful, or what?)

The gap has (naturally) never been so narrow. And it is N-A-R-R-O-W, dude. You know what the X1X is? It's a beautiful black existential crisis for lifelong PC gamers. We're gonna have to start calling you guys BC* gamers.
*"Bitter Clinger" LOL

I'm over here laughing and I invite Sony fans to join me. Cheers to us both, please no HZD spoilers, and I can't wait to see what the PS5 does to that gap. :)
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Much Needed Upgrade

Seeing as production for the original Xbox One has stopped, I felt it was time to upgrade and stay up to date with the latest technology. I currently have a 1080p TV and can already see increasingly bright and crisp graphics. I can only imagine how this looks on a 4K screen! Loading time is reduced, I load into multiplayer games instantly while others are taking 15-30 seconds. I am an avid gamer and Xbox customer and this product helps keep me at the top of my game. Not to mention I got it for $100 below retail from Newegg. Highly recommend if you can spare the cash and want the ultimate experience.Read full review...

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A great console

To start the Xbox One X is an incredible console. It is the third generation Xbox and I have owned all three. I have liked all the console but so far, I have enjoyed the Xbox One X the most. I have owned it for the last month and a half and only have great things to say about the console.
To start the console has native 4k resolution and I have a 4k monitor to go with it. 4k resolution is a very noticeable difference compared to 1080p and most games and streaming services offer 4k content. It also has the ability to do 10-bit or 12-bit color if that is supported by your monitor or TV. For the physical design Microsoft was able to get rid of the annoying power transformer and put it internally in the Xbox. This means you just have a regular power cord now. It also has a smaller footprint but is a bit heavier in weight than the second generation giving you the impression that it has a strong build quality. With fifteen dollars stand the console looks very sleek on my desk. It has the built-in capability for Dolby Atmos and comes with Windows Sonic for free which is for virtual surround sound. If you have a headset with a MixAmp you can set it to stereo uncompressed as well. It has an IR blaster built-in which allows for you to connect a multimedia remote. I found one for twenty dollars and it works great functions just like I have a TV. It can play back Ultra High Definition Blu-Ray discs too. Microsoft has an app available in the Apple Store that allows you to connect to your console and do things like power it on and off or join in to one of your friends party.
Overall there is only two negative I can think of and both have solutions they just require money. First the console gets quite hot causing the cords on the back to be hot as well. I don’t any issues will arise form this. The other is that it is only has 1TB of space, but you can by external hard drives if you filled all the space.
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Great system. Worth the price!

The xbox one x has totally won me over. I also have the PS4 pro, which is good, but it's not on this level. Halo 5 looks like a brand new game on 4k screens. It's pretty incredible it runs most games at a native 4k. Everything else just runs smoother when compared to my xbox one s. The other surprising thing, is just how small and quiet it is. It's a little smaller than the one s, and is insanely quiet. Very impressed with this system and can't wait to see the new games take advantage of its power.Read full review...

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Fast Load Times, Beautiful Picture, Great Value, Xbox One S is better value...

I got this product for $400 from Newegg.

For that price I think this consol is a great deal. I had the day one edition of the xbox one and it was time for an update. I was either going to get an Xbox one S ($200 at the time) or the X. I got the X and wasn’t blown away by the picture (could be my eyes, my first generation 4K tv, or the Xbox) I wish i could return the Xbox to get the s but It turns out that Newegg doesn’t accept returns. Ultimately, the load times are much faster than the Xbox one and the picture is better. It is a great value for $400 and I recommend it if you have a 4K tv with HDR10. But with my current setup and my interests, I think the S would’ve been a better buy at $200.Read full review...

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Can't beat the price!

I'm glad I waited for someone to sell the One X in a bundle. I got a brand new controller and two games I've been wanting to try out for the cost of the console alone!

The transfer of saved data didn't go as easily as I'd hoped. I did the method of transferring over local network, but I should've had both consoles hardwired into the router because wirelessly only allowed one or two transfers at a time instead of everything all at once like I saw in instructional videos.

All my games that were made with 4k in mind look beautiful on my 4k TV. I am a very happy customer!
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Worth the upgrade!

With the extra features and 4K support this is definitely worth upgrading to if you still have the OG Xbox like me. I'm most excited about the Xbox X Enhanced games like DOOM, Gears 4, Halo 5, and the Master Chief Collection - Making them true 1080p at 60fps with other graphical enhancements developers can squeeze in. Planning to upgrade to a 4K HDR display later this year to really take advantage of what the X can offer.Read full review...

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Very impressed

Was on the fence about upgrading to the Xbox One X from the original Xbox One but having 4K capabilities on our new TV helped push us over the edge. It looks amazing and is extremely fast. Newer titles such as Farcry 5 look awesome, but updates have also been made to previous releases such as Forza Horizon, Madden 18, and even Red Dead Redeption for Xbox 360. Tested the UHD Blu-Ray support with Jurassic Park and that sealed the deal.Read full review...

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Xbox One X 4k Beast!

I loved my xbox one s but I needed to upgrade to 4k and now that I had the oportunity to buy the Xbox one X I can say I love it! Console for me its 5 stars since I can play my beloved 360 backward compatible games and current ones with the most power juice available on the most powerful console ever being built for home entertainment. Highly Recommended! Xbox One X is Awesome!Read full review...

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