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Long battery life100% agree

Good value100% agree

Good quality screen100% agree

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Android e-Reader can be turned into a useful tablet with a few tweaks

I bought a second WPDN to continue playing with Android, this time with the CM6 ROM (Froyo 2.2).

GOOD: easy access to device internals (see Pandigital site for details); a couple good alternative firmwares/ROMs at Slatedroid.com (be sure you understand what is involved in patch as mistake could "brick" device); can install Google and Amazon Markets.

OK: 3 hours web browsing

BAD: resistive screen; heavy; can't play Angry Birds or cool 3D games.

I would recommend as cheap, Android learning system to others. Most others should get something else (e.g. capacitive screen).
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Not totally bad but not great-you get what you pay for!

Not a bad unit for a basic reader with some internet capabilities, was advertized as "android" system however this model has off-brand non full function android software so it cannot download books from librabry or B & N. Has Amazon kindle type capabilities but if you want Barns & Noble ability you have to reload a large software package that destroys the kindle one!! Very limited on apps that run on the android platform. Bought it cause it was the cheapest color one but in hind sight might have spent a bit more to get full capabilities?Read full review...


As cheap eReader - ok, but not a tablet!

Well, I was searching a tablet below 100 of my Currency (LTL). Found it, but... will never do that again!
The saying "There's never Good, Much and Cheap" was proved by this device - it was cheap, there was "a lot of" it, but it isn't good at all.
The manufacturer ought to make it a "Tablet" instead of "eReader" (the main purpose of this device was eReader until some hackers made it run on Android, so manufacturer decided to make Android as default OS), but they made a mistake - the devices "hardware" is not able to run Android's Apps like smoothly.
As for the eReader the device, I think, should be OK. I've charged the battery full and played with the device 10 mins before decided to pack it to the box and throw somewhere where's dark and cold (it was a cellar). I'm not a book-reader on eReaders, but after a month I was searching for one book for my studies and remembered, that there's somewhere an "eReader" in the cellar. I found it, though to power up and... IT DID! The battery was as full as it was charged a month ago! So, I think, the battery's "things" are ok (maybe just because it takes 1/3 of device place and weights a lot???).
The screen... OMG! Such a screens were used a "some long time" ago! It shows "something" if there's not strict lines of picture. For example, tried to run YouTube movie - it went, but I couldn't understand whats shown. Meanwhile the letters of documents are shown perfectly.
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Nice product! You do get your monies worth...

This is a nice android e-reader. Something great for someone who has never used android before and just wants the practice before moving on to something more solid with a higher os. This unit does not have flash, and you would have to hack it to get a higher os on it. There are not many apps that are compatible with this unit from the SLIDE market place. Overall It will keep a person occupied by reading, but it reminds me of my android phone which has an os one level higher than the novel, and by the way has the adroid marketplace. Overall, this is for someone who is just starting out with android and does not want to break anything, or a kid, whom you want to keep occupied while you are doing something more important on your ipad. There is no flash, so you cannot stream video on it. But you do get what you pay for. It is not crap, this unit does hold its own, it does get you to the internet, and you can listen to music on it. So it is worth the money you spend on it. I only spent $64, so it was a bargain...Read full review...


An average performer

I use this product for reviewing my photos while I'm on the road in places where I don't want to expose my iPad to any hazards. For this purpose it works well with photos rendered with good detail. This product will also interface with a Mac.
The touch screen responds poorly and the slide show function is not user friendly. This product is heavier than comparable inexpensive tablets and my unit has a defective earphone jack which does not reproduce stereo sound. You may want to experiment with Polaroid or Supersonic SC-76MID units and you can certainly go for the very best in an iPad.
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Download books, Surf internet, Color screen, Font enlargement, Price.

I purchased this eReader to compare to my Ipad and my sisters Kindle. To my surprise this eReader offers as many advantages that I use daily as the more expensive eReaders. I would recommend to this anyone who would like to surf the internet and download books for their reading pleasure. The color screen is very nice and you can adjust the font to the size that is convenient to the user. The screen enlarges with just a couple of taps on the screen. This device surfed the internet at an amazing speed compared to others I have used at a local major retail coffee establishment. It is as friendly to use as any other eReader out there. The only major difference with my Ipad is in screen size as the Ipad has a larger screen. It fits your needs plus economical.Read full review...


Good Tablet for the money, Unfortunately mine broke

I enjoyed this tablet for 4 days but sadly it froze on the opening screen and despite every attempt possible to fix it I had to return this neat product. I don't know if it was just a fluke but mine broke after 4 days. Before it broke I enjoyed the touch screen, it was just right and the size of the tablet was perfect. It operated with descent speed and the applications where useful.Read full review...


Pretty Good Device for the price

I bought this product to see how it compares with my iPad at the ridiculously low price. I liked the fact that it runs on the android platform like my phone, and that it could utilize a wireless N connection. The screen is not very responsive and can be frustrating as you often have to try multiple times before something opens. But once connected to email, it is an easy device to use to scroll through your email which is the main use. It can be used for web surfing but it is temperamental due to the touchscreen issues. Have no problems with the battery life.Read full review...


Think about getting the Kindal Fire instead.

I bought this because I couldn't afford a Kindal Fire. It's a little on the heavey side, but it does come with a stand which is nice. It locked up on me when I tried downloading some books I had on my computer. I had to do a hard reset on it. The company I purchased it from was more than happy to allow me to return it for a full refund, which I thought was great. I was able to get it working again, and am using it. Would I buy it again, not if I had the money for a Kindal Fire. There doesn't seem to have any support through the company web site either. Over all, I'm a big reader and I do enjoy it, till I can afford the Fire.Read full review...


Great tablet, great price, very handy for travel!!!!

I own this tablet and I really like it, it has many features and is very handy to carry with you without spending a fortune on a tablet. Had it with me when my grandson was in the hospital and I loved it. I have seen a few bad reviews but come on people, if you want a computer then buy a computer. For the money it is an excellent item. You can download tons of free apps through Amazon and the Android store.Read full review...

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