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Long battery life100% agree

Good value100% agree

Good quality screen100% agree

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Not to happy with this product

Well the truth I didn't want to buy this. I saw it for so cheap that I put it on my watch list few hours before the sale was over. When I woke up the next morning some how I won the bit, & the fun part about it I didn't even bit or agree to boy anything, but like I said before it was so cheap & my record is 100% of positive feedback that I really didn't made a big deal about it & proceed to buy it. Well after I receive the tablet I was very unhappy with the item. Is very slow, i try to download applications for it or watch videos on YouTube, for example, & the tablet won't let me do those types of thing. Any ways you really get what you paid for. Beside that inconvenient, no problems here. ThanksRead full review...


Awesome product for me to learn how a PC works

I received this PanDigital unit for a gift. Since I am not knowlegable about PC's my wife thourght I could learn with this device. I am learning slow but sure and I like this product because it is just the right size for me to take it every were and I do not feel intimidated by it. I am learning at my own speed.Read full review...


I bought 4--1 for me and the others for gifts...will buy a few more

I give this tablet a 5 out of 5, considering the price point. Touchscreen is sensitive enough for daily use and after installing a $5 micro SDHC 4GB card and rooting this tablet and installing Android 2.3 with flash and the Android Market you have a full featured tablet (Loads of Instructions and Downloads via Google). It's not a speed demon by any stretch of the imagination, but what do you expect for $69,95....it's no IPad, but Steve Jobs couldn't give you a sub-$300 tablet either, so what is there to complain about? Now waiting for Ubuntu to finish a Unity based distro for the ARM chipset. If you remember the limitations of this unit, you CAN NOT be disappointed.Read full review...


E reader with Android download

great little e reader, excellent value. with android download . I am able to surf the web, send and recieve e mails. check oteher sites , stocks, etc.. The only down side is that the batery life, need s to be recharged after about an hour of reading time . and it is raterh small in size . Which can be cumbersome at timesRead full review...


Awesome product for price while comparing to similar ereaders. I love it!!

I love this product for many reasons such as: long battery life, adjustable viewing screen (changes to landscape or portrait when I change positions), and fast and easy downloading of books. I love the fact I can share my sisters bookshelves as well. Their are 2 down falls- the screen is easily cracked which then whole ereader becomes useless and no way to add apps for games for kids. If you are looking for a great ereader just to read and facebook then this is the tablet for you!Read full review...


Great bargain, able to email, browse, socialize, store pics and books. A+++

Bought 1 for each kid. Perfect starter tablet. Fairly decent web browsing speed. Apps not as plentiful as the better known tables but there is plenty to keep my kids busy. A+ on the Ereader. Perfect for kids. Easy to use. No real complaints for the price you pay. Well worth it.Read full review...


Love this little ereader/tablet!!

I bought this tablet to buy books for class and to have access to the internet, the price of this tablet and its features were in my ball park so I gave it a try. It is better than I expected. the only thing is that its a little on the heavy side, but I wouldnt really consider that a con. Overall I think that it is a worht the money and I would buy again in a heartbeat.Read full review...


Great for an ereader. Heavier model. Expect what you pay for!

This one is MUCH heavier than other models. I use these primarily for reading. I have 3 different pandigital models. Although the screens are not super responsive, this does well for reading and has lots of options. You can do internet and streaming video also. Makes this a great entertainment item but not for general computing use. You do get what you pay for and to accomplish basic ereading in color with some internet, it is wonderful.Read full review...


A mediocre e-reader at best. Don't waste your money.

I bought this product to read my books anywhere I wanted but this product has some serious issues. It crashes a lot, has trouble connecting to wi-fi networks and often doesn't, and adding new apps makes it freeze (sometimes for days). It is simply not worth the stress and hours spent trying to make it work. Just type in 'Pandigital Novel' and 'help' in Google and see what comes up. It's staggering how many problems this device and other Pandigital devices have.Read full review...


Slow, no good apps work on it and no customer service from PanDigital.

cannot use most of the good apps with the version of Adroid that is installed on the eReader. Also no flash player on the eReader which prevents you from using apps like YouTube. eReader would be ok if batter lasted longer and you could update to a better version of Android and install a flash driver on it. I've tried to contact Pandigital a couple times and have had no success in having any kind of response from them to help with the issues. Was unable to try and return since they were christmas presents and they werent used for a month after purchasing them.Read full review...

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