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Long battery life100% agree

Good value100% agree

Good quality screen100% agree

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ereader and email are good, don't expect it to run Android Apps very well

Purchased this for my daughter as an ereader and to surf the web a play a few games. Ereader and mail seems to work well and it does surf the web, albeit slow. The problem is getting android apps to run. We had dificulty downloading and most games, even simple ones ran too slow or not at all.Read full review...


nice to have

I like my e reader wasn't sure what I was getting at first
it's perfect I take it everywhere it helps me keep track of everything i need to do
They could have added a few more games other than that
easy to download apps
it's a good first e reader to have
hope this helps
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Real neat product...

So far i am enjoying the product, working very well pictures are great. I wish it had a camera on it, but for what im using it far its wonderful...


Don't waste your money, go buy Candy, its way Better

Cheap stuff are CHEAP, its Slow like hell, very limited RAM, resistive screen is trash, not even suitable for kids, just use it as a brick, and it wont even be durable as a brick, Seriously!


Great value for the money

There were some complains about the display but once I updated the firmware it worked really well. It was a plus to load my school books on.


Waste of money, would return if I could.

Ereader is not what I expected. It was purchased for my 5 year old, meant for a few games, books etc. it is very difficult to use. The marketplace is incredibly limited and the machine freezes and locks up constantly. We've used it two or three times, it just sits and collects dust. Utter waste of money. I'll be purchasing another kindle fire. Disappointment.Read full review...


This product reminds me that you get what you pay for.

When I got the tablet it was freezing when I opened the marketplace or the web browser. Had to do the master reset twice before it stopped doing that. The touch screen is terrible. I have to press the same thing two or three times before it picks it up. Same goes with swiping on the screen. Ultimately it does what its supposed to do but it is no where near the level of the other ereaders on the market.Read full review...


great for basic use - great price

Works great for me - I use it only to check email and browse the web. It's a little heavy but easily portable. Perfect for basic use and you can't beat the price.


good for the money

perfect for what we got it for. came in early,and as described. we perchased it for our 10 year old daughter and has worked out perfectly.. i would recamend it to any one looking for a getting started item... it is a little slow for adults but perfect for kids..Read full review...


Go for it! We love it!

Very happy with this item. Perfect for the house. Great interface, kinda wish it used google play instead of the stock one. but it works. :)

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