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Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: sierratec10

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Not what I expected.

This product fit my computer well, everything was fine until I turned it on. It came with the operating system called LINUX. I never heard of this system before. I was expecting the hard drive to be BLANK so I could install the operating system of my choice. It seems to be permanently installed and I could not over ride it to install WINDOWS 7. I have no choice but to use LINUX as the operating system.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: whatadealwally


great product, use caution buying refurbished or used.

i am reviewing this product in used/refurbished condition. i am an amatuer with computer repair. i had an older Dell computer with a bad hard drive and didn't wish to spend a lot on repair. i purchased 3 used/refurbished hard drives on Ebay from different vendors, the first was like the one shown, it didn't work, the vendor promptly refunded my money, the second also did not work, the vendor claimed i broke it. the third hard drive works well, (as shown). i think the product is good, but caution needs to be taken when buying this product used or refurbished, and even though it is a simple process to replace this item, there is more to it than that, you may need to purchase a new operating system, (xp, vista etc.), possibly even an adapter, and it is a bit tricky getting things back up and running, mine took a trip to my local computer store.Read full review...


Ii would recomended as a good buy.

The Seagate SATA drive with it s 8 meg cache and high transfer rates make it a very good drive. I have had all the other major brand names and some that were not and this is my most dependable drive. Have the standard IDE also. It would be perfect if the SATA drives could be mirrored off your original, but that is my only complaint. It is a SATA problem, not Seagate. I would recommend it for a raid 0 solution personally.Read full review...


Just right

I bought this hard drive because I wanted the faster response time with the 7200 RPM disk speed. I probably would have gone with a larger capacity but the price was right and didn't really need the extra capacity. Overall, I'm satisfied with the hard drive.Read full review...


Top Notch

Works Great. . . doubled my capacity on my old computer at a price that was unbeatable. Runs quietly and was easy to install. My old HD was nearly full making my computer operate slow, this drive solved my problems and it runs like it did when it was new. I highly recommend this drive weather as a main drive or a slave for storage.Read full review...


Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 ST380013AS

Bought used. It is a fairly good drive. As with all hard disk drives, with aging and type of usage they become degraded. Overtime, these model is more sensitive to firmware and mechanical problems.



This is a harddisk that worth a shot, nothing unsatisfied come up so far. Quiet, reliable, cheap, big capacity, what more u can ask for at this price range. Would recommend this unit if u are looking for a cheap storage resolutionRead full review...


Really good

It gets meh transfer speeds, but it's worth the 12 dollars to store movies or music on it.

I personally just put videos like gameplay on it!

Worth the 12 dollars and it's extremely quiet!Read full review...


Fast quiet.

This is a fast and quiet SATA type (SATA aka faster, better, but you need the interface) hard drive that is ideal for replacing a small computer drive.


Seagate ST380013AS

WOW, this HDD is fast! Windows used to boot in 40-50 seconds, now it's only 30! I highly recommend this Hard Drive to anyone.

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