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If I had it to do over, I would do the same again!

I bought this hard drive as an upgrade to an older laptop. I have upgraded other laptops with this particular hard drive before and received really great results. The Seagate brand for me has given the best results in longivity (lasting a long time before finally wearing out) and seem to have better download and upload speed. Most laptops come with the 5400rpm speed hard drives and this hard drive upgrades that to 7200rpm making the difference in download and upload time. I have not encountered any drawbacks to my purchases of the Seagate hard drive and when I have to have another, I will definitely buy another like this one again.Read full review...


Worthy Upgrade

The drive's specifications of 320G and rotational speed of 7200 rpm with 16MB of cache was convincing enough to move from an old drive with 160G, 5400 rpm and 8MB cache. The transfer of the operating system and files was surprisingly pleasant with the use of Seagate's Disc Wizard. This disc cloning utility was built on top of Acronis a renowned and reliable disc copying software.

The cloning did not go without a hitch. Around 20 minutes into the copying, the display went black though the process continued as indicated by the blinking drive's light. Based on previous experiences, the urge to intervene was restrained until the copying was finished for about 3 hours. The change of drive went smoothly as expected.
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Great drive

Fast drive with a large enough size for my needs. The drive is large enough to hold most of my media files and is fast enough to handle the speed I need for video editing.


great hard drive

This hard drive even outperform some desktop hard drive, transferring 80GB of data, it maxed out at 70MB/s. I really recommend this hard drive


Excellent in performance, noise, and heat.

I've replaced this with the fujitsu 160gb 5400rpm 2.5inch hdd.

It feels much faster, quiet as previous one and not warm or hot at all.

I love this one and strongly recommend you.

It has also 5 year warranty.

How great~!
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Seagate Momentus 7200.3 320 GB SATA Hard Drive

The product is top off the line.The thing I did wrong was not reading the whole dicription I thought it was for a PC my fault though.Other than my mistake a very fast and pleasent expierance


Great price on product.

I bought this product because of the value. New hard drives are much more expensive and this one still has warranty left.


Good Drive

I am pleased with the drive. Nothing grand about it but it does the job just as good as the OEM drive I had before.

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