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Awesome image quality, 11fps, WiFi... need I say more?

During a long year of research for the best camera in my line of work as a photographer, I came across the compact SONY a6000. I liked what I heard about it, and the specs were impressive. Further more, the image quality matched that of Canon's and Nikon's that cost in the thousands to purchase, but they still had less features.

I started out with a Nikon D3300 for the good price and the Nikkor 35mm f1.8 as a temporary fix for a few photo shoots. Images were pretty good, and I purchased the WiFi adapter to transfer files directly to my phone. After a few months, I was ready to upgrade. I sold it and purchased the SONY a6000, which has WiFi built in.

I later purchased the Sigma 17-50mm f2.8, Sigma 30mm f2.8, Rokinon 85mm f1.4 and the Rokinon 135mm f2. The comparison is unreal. Images come out richer in color and razor sharp. Plus, at 11 Frames Per Second (fps) I don't miss a beat. The focus peaking is a major plus being that all but one of my lenses are manual focus.

The compact size was my selling point along with a few other great features like the Electronic View Finder (EVF), tilting screen, Near Field Communication (NFC), 11 Frames Per Second (fps) and built in Wifi. I was so pleased I purchased another and a dual quick release shoulder strap for the wedding's I'm shooting this summer, one being at the West Point Military Academy in New York.

I love this camera and have convinced many friends and strangers to buy one, since they liked my photos taken with it. I've shot low light concerts, fast moving objects, portraits, and a few videos and this is an all around amazing camera. The SONY a6300 has been available for a while now, but I have no desire or need to upgrade from this already amazing camera.
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Slow auto focus

Focus is slow in low light area. Unacceptable. Takes to long to focus and sometimes takes a blurry picture.

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Sony A6000 - heavyweight features at a lightweight price.

There probably isn't a 'bad' camera made these days from the major players. It just comes to personal preferences.
In my case I liked the Minolta brand, which as we know through various incarnations is now part of the SONY empire.
Since I have some Minolta legacy lenses I wanted to keep using them.
With the appropriate SONY adapter able I am to continue using and enjoying these well renowned lenses.
This camera lights up quickly and is very much like a film camera in use. Minimal delays, focusing is quick.
Simply put, I think is fantastic camera. Well made, user friendly, stunning images. Far more capable than I am for sure. It isn't to small either. Just darn good all around package.
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This is so much better thn the NEX-6, especially in the autofocus.

The menus are still hard to navigate, to me-no real improvement there. I miss the level line - I tend to shoot off level a lot. I can fix it in post, but I'd rather get it right in the frame.

Something that bothered me about the NEX-6 was the eyepiece didn't register with the sensor - it was off by a few pixels. I don't know why that should be, given that the signal should be the same to the eyepiece and the LCD,but it seemed to be so.

The a6000 seems to have corrected that.

This is my 2nd body from the same source. I have no qualms about getting a refurb unit - it means a factory tech has actually put their hands on it and brought it to spec.

I'm replacing my entire Canon suite with this. As a sometimes travel photographer, being able to shoot high quality images in a smaller package is a big deal.

On APS-C vs full frame: 'Full frame' is an artifact from 35mm film days, when it was deemed to be the optimal size for FILM quality. For digital sensors, it doesn't mean a hoot. What counts is resolution, color fidelity, and glass. The resolution of this camera rivals that of the Canon D1 of only a few iterations ago. You get diminishing rate of return trying to up the resolution from this point, IMHO. Certainly not enough to justify the extra weight, bulk, and cost in glass.

As far as glass, Sony inherited that technology from Minolta, which benefitted from long association with Ziess. It's good glass (and, you can get made-for-the-platform Ziess lenses, if you reall want.

I have for Sony lenses and I think they're quite up to par - even the 'cheap' pancake kit lens. The image stabilization is great, the bokeh is nice on the shallower DOF lenses.

Call me a really happy camper.
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Small body, HUGE features, great camera!

This, believe it or not, has taken over my bag. That's not easy, as it eclipses my old Canon D6 and newer Nikon D90, predominantly because of it's low light capability, superb images and smaller size. While it leaves a little on the table with it's full HD video (I'm currently looking for a 6300 for that reason alone), this has been a dynamite camera. It's been my mainstay in Hawaii and Australia trips, again because of size, availability of lenses and lens adapters for both the big boys and It's remarkable images. There's a whole lot to choose from in the manual settings and even I don't have them fully nailed down yet. If I didn't want 4K video I'd never stop using this thing...especially with the OEM batteries lasting as well as they do!Read full review...

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From the NEX 5t to the A6000

The first thing I noticed right out of the box was the build quality of the A6000. It's bit larger than the NEX 5 but not by much. The difference in size has to do with the fact that the A6000 comes with a built in flash and a viewfinder which I love!! So far I've gone out shooting about 6 times and I've gotten some really nice images. You do have a more hardware buttons (custom ones too) but it's easy getting used to. You can't go wrong with this purchase!!Read full review...

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Excellent value for the size and versatility

This camera will provide all of the options that a serious photographer would be interested in at a fraction of the weight and cost. There are a number of "smart" settings which allow anyone to take quality pictures with little effort. In addition there are a range of customizable features that require a great deal more research, reading and practice. For the serious photographer I highly recommend Gary Friedman's ebook for a thorough explanation of all of the functions and controls to take full advantage of the camera capability.Read full review...

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My New Favorite

I've used the 50D and 7D Canon for years. Went looking for something smaller and this was the winner. A Sony rep showed me his a6000 and did a quick demo. 11fps was a big draw. I had 14 days to try it out and I put it to the test. I am in LOVE with this little guy and the awesome quality I'm getting. It's light weight and I think it's fantastic in low light. It's a perfect way to size down and raise the quality of your digital photographs. The only thing I would change is the placement of the media card. It's along the side by the door and a bit tight to get out. Other than that ... it's perfect !!!!!Read full review...

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Sony a6000

I bought this camera used for less than $350 making it an incredible value. It's easy to use, love the automatic eye sensor that enables the viewfinder when looking through it. The available Sony apps like time lapse, multiple images in a single frame, star trails, etc make this camera even more versatile. Highly recommend if you don't need 4k video, the available 1080p is all I need. See the attached photo taken with a 20 mm prime lens and using an HDR photo merge of 3 shots using Corel SW.Read full review...

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The sony A6000 is my introduction to mirror less cameras. It's a truly revolutionary camera. With the ability to deliver pro results in such a small and inexpensive package, its in a class of its own. Low light performance is amazing. And collecting and using vintage lenses is my new hobby, many of them are under $100 and deliver stellar images, as long as your ok going manual. I'm very happy I bought this camera system and I'll be buying an A7sii when it comes out.Read full review...

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The a6000 is and has been the best value, high quality, interchangeable lens camera under $1000 since it was released.

I have had FOUR Sony a6000 bodies. You simply can't get more camera for the price.
Small, light, very very fast with excellent image quality.

I'm a full time professional photographer that typically carries 3 bodies, 2 of which are a6000s.

The only real world limitations are extreme low light, or a need for ultra high resolution, beyond that, this camera can do pretty much anything.

All photos are by me, using the a6000
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