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Calculator CANNOT be purchased at local stores!

My son's 5th grade class required this calculator. We searched all the local WalMart, Targets, Office Supplies, etc. Never able to find it in a local store. Finally found it ONLINE at walmart.com. Since I had to order it online, I decided to run a search on eBay. I found very few available, and placed a snipped bid on a used one. My son is very happy to have the correct calculator, so he can complete his assignments.Read full review...


Texas Instruments TI-15TK Scientific Calculator

First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Mike, I am a teacher of Mathematics in High School at Greece. Children have problem with maths, that's for sure. Unfortunately calculators are not allowed in the classroom. This calculator "Texas Instruments TI-15TK Scientific Calculator" which is hard to find here in Greece is very convenient to kids. They see maths with another aspect, they can play with maths and through the game they can learn. So my purpose for buying this product is to persuade students to use is - at home of course - providing a new view to mathematics. Thanks for your time.Read full review...


Texas Instruments TI-15

Great calculator, easy to use, my daughter loves it, my son uses it as well. They take it to school and the teacher recomends it for the kids.



It is very annoying when my 10th grader comes home from school on the first day to announce that she needs a $150 calculater for high school...I was very pleased to find that i could find such a calculater on ebay at a resonable price. It does everything that ther schools want the students to be able to do. And it is even in "cool" colors. THANK YOURead full review...


TI-15 Review

This is a great calculator that will do much of the work for students such as simplifying fractions, adding mixed numbers, etc. However, it can become a crutch and should be used with caution.


Texas Instruments 15TK calculator

Love everything about this item. My daughter's class uses this calculator for math and it makes it so much easier for her to do her work.

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