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good book

I liked the DVD much better than the book. The DVD was totally positive, but like Ms. Boyer, I found some of the books comments made my energy take a dive. Here is why:

Ms. Byrne says that those of us who suffer weather disasters have created the disaster or adversity. Like the power of certain prayers, some things happen because of energies that have been invested far longer than the span of one life. When you move into a disaster prone area you encounter "risk energy" that may have existed for hundreds of years. If Ms Byrne thinks she is stronger than this energy and can stop future storms from entering New Orleans, let me be the first to invite her to live here....Keeping one author in a swank French Quarter apartment (untouched by flood waters) has to be cheaper than the millions we are spending to rebuild the levee system. Even though I don't agree with Ms Byrne I would sooner trust her to protect the city than the government engineers who sat clueless for two weeks while my apartment slowly dissolved under 11 feet of water.

I also share Ms Boyer's dislike of Ms. Byrne's comments about turning your back on "fat" people (or anyone else). The book assumes that everyone who wants to can access good feelings at a moments notice and encourages you to shun people who don't fit your physical or emotional ideal. For many people, especially those from emotionally or financially impoverished backgrounds, feelings of abundance and self-worth can be impossible to access. A few years ago I encountered a book by the social psychologist William Swann. His studies on the affect that self-esteem has on what you attract into your life make very interesting reading that is closely related to the topics discussed here. While forgetting the past is not that hard, creating a feeling that you didn't have while growing up is nearly impossible for most people. Yes, we do hear of rags to riches stories, but they almost always involve a pivotal personal encounter.

Perhaps there is a reason that this information has been kept a secret for so long. Maybe that reason is that too many people would have used the knowledge to abandon the sick, dying, and less fortunate and spend their time generating new toys and bigger and bigger houses. Religion has often existed to remind people that they should be grateful for not having adversity. If you can wish it away, why bother with those who can't? This whole scenario reminds me of the creation story told by the psychic, Edgar Cayce, many decades ago. He said that man was an angel who created matter as a plaything and became encased in it because he forgot his divinity. I see no spiritual problem with having it all, but that can and should include kindness and compassion toward everyone.
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Not a new concept, but a very good one!

I was raised on The Power of Positive Thinking books by Norman Vincent Peale back in the 60s and 70s. I keep his books on my shelf to refer to when things are going not going the way I would like. I have always believed that our thoughts are things and like attracts like. Think positive, attract positive.

When I heard about this book, The Secret, I did not bother to read it until I found it at a yard sale last month. I figured it was a regurgitation of the same information on positive thinking and visualization that I had grown up on. Same thing, fancier package.

I am now glad I bought and read the book. It is written in a easy to reference style that makes it easy to focus on the problem you are interested in at the moment.... Money, health, whatever.

I like that the author refers to several authors, doctors , scientists and a big variety of people to write their thoughts on a particular subject. It gives you different perspectives and different methods and reasoning to ponder.

All in all , nothing helps life go easier than a good attitude.

That's exactly what this book promotes. Sure can't hurt!

I say buy it, keep it handy and try it! Your life just might go in a better direction! It is NOT a new concept by any means, but it makes for a really good reminder.

Don't forget to click the YES button below ....YES is a positive and like attracts like, you know!

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Definitely a good read, and a Great gift

This book gives you a different view on life. Its all the things you already know and/or felt but brings it to reality. The book is also a mood booster; this book helped me to remember all of the blessings in my life instead of focusing on the negatives.

Info in this book comes from some of the most successful people of all time, and is so uplifting and empowering that it can't be bad. Maintaining and practicing the advise is not as easy as it sounds, and it does take constant work and vigilance.

Often, we do actually enjoy our self created misery, misery that it is difficult to give up. Our complaining and whining and self sacrificing have become our friends, our comfort our "safe place" that it's hard to say good bye. This book will help you break those bonds to unhealthy relationships. To let go of self destructive thoughts and attitudes. To say it's a good thing to be "healthy, wealthy and wise." It was meant to be and this book illustrates it well. Don't let the cover and "fussiness" get in the way of the message. No hocus-pocus, voodoo here. Just common sense, when you think about it.

I found the best deal on this book here:

so I was able to buy multiple copies for family and friends.

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Make room inside before you manifest on the outside

The attitude you take into something and level of expectancy you have really do determine what you will get out of something. Is there a secret in The Secret? There very well may be.

I have conducted over 20 years of research in spirituality and personal development. What so many traditions and authors talk about of how we actually create anything in our world. Everything starts as thought. Look around you and observe every object-this started as a thought in someones mind-drafted to paper-materials bought-and crafted by machine or hand. Is this the secret that we create whatever we want first in our mind? Perhaps.

We also need to 'make room' for new things in our life. This means shifting our thinking. Moving. Changing. Accepting new things. Faith being the evidence of things not yet seen. If you can see it you can be it. What you sow is what you reap. Your past does not dictate you future. If it's to be it's up to me. Renew your mind. Different authors yet the same idea.

We are able to create anything we want as long as this is consistent with who we believe we are. Make room on the inside and dare to dream. make room on the inside to create your perfect life and take action every day to act consistently with that.

If you have faith and something inside that yearns to learn and create and live the best life possible, one full of destiny and promise the The Secret will appeal to you. May it be a blessing on your journey.

If you live in a limited world, are wanting to only critique, or are at the beginning of your journey of self then The Secret may not open many doors for you. But it is still worth having a look-you never know you may always find something!

Live long and prosper.
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The Secret

The DVD is very easy to watch, pay attention to and learn from. The narration if really quite calming. There are so many positive things to focus on and a little something for everyone. The DVD is spiritual and uplifting, even if the focus sometimes seems to be a little selfish. I can see myself watching this a few times now and again, which I can't say for many so called "self-help", "make yourself over" books. I read the book first and I loved the DVD with all the dramatic scenes brought to life. I can honestly say that positive thinking really can make a difference in the way one projects oneself and the payoff is the way one is treated in return.Read full review...


From a Specialist Point of View...

As a Business Solution Specialist we highly recommended "The Secret" to help individuals to get over past difficult business matters, and use positive methods to put the negative happenings behind you. It's an easy read, but best to read over time, and implement the material before moving on. All of our consultants, including myself have use this book to changing old habits over the last 6 months, but the ideas put forth by the writer are solid, and if you can adapt the principles outlined, it should improve my life immeasurably.Read full review...


Learn HOW to obtain the SECRET

This book is great. The book explains what the SECRET is. However, it DOES NOT explain how to get it. You CAN GET IT by taking a course called 'THE SILVA METHOD'. I am not trying to sell anything here. I have taken the course and just took it again as a refresher (Once you have taken the course, you can take it again FREE for a lifetime). It will give you all the tools you need to practice and live the Secret. Reduce stress, regain your health, improve relationships, improve memory, get organized, change core beliefs about yourself, obtain wealth, live in balance & harmony in the universe, etc., etc. The course changed my life. Just something to thing about if you want what they have, GO FOR IT !!!Read full review...


The Secret Book

This book talks about the law of attraction. I love it because it taught me how to think. Whether you think you can do something or not, you are correct. Everything in this world is yours for the taking, money, success, love, power, it's just up to you if you believe you can take a hold of your life or not. Once you have your mind right, watch your wildest dreams come true. I don't like the order that it was written, at times you might get confused. Every chapter is different, but the author only quotes the teachers that submitted their information. A great read and great way to expand your horizons.Read full review...


The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

I didn't stop at the book only but bought the sound track as well as the DVD. If we're simply talking about keeping a positive countenance, then the book serves as a valid reminder, something fresh. When I reflect on books written many years ago by people like James Allen's "As a Man Thinketh", I can see also where tie in between "like attracts like"... If nothing else, it's given me new avenues to go down by reminding me that I can choose how I think. And invariably, that will affect how I feel. Some people I've spoken to feel there isn't enough "God" in it but "claiming, believe, receiving" are to me, recipes for prayer anyway. And doing so is tantamount to releasing your claim to universe, right? Good book to go through now and then, as a reminder and to stay sharp.Read full review...


The Secret

I love the straightforward way that this book is written. There is not a lot of psychobabble or jargon that a person must wade through to get to the gist of the chapter. Everything is written in plain English and in a way that everyone can ponder the points made and decide how to use the information in their own lives.

What I didn't like is that much of the information seems repetitive. The same statement is made over and over but by different people. I am sure that it is an attempt to show that many successful people have said the same things over the years. However, perhaps it could have been said more succintly.

I decided to buy this book to see what all the fuss was about. I consider it a straightforward statement of what many of us have known in our hearts for years: We determine our own destiny, and when we quit blaming others and set our focus on what we want, we can be successful, no matter our current circumstances.
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