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Nice Role Playing Game

Two Worlds II is a real-time role-playing game that takes place in an open non-linear fantasy world where players take the role of a single character with whom they can explore and undertake quests. From the beginning players can lightly customize the appearance of the protagonist such as shape of face and body, and skin color. As is common in role-playing games, the player’s character will level up by gaining experience points through completion of quests and defeating enemies. Much of the in-game world can be fully explored from the beginning, regardless of how much the player has progressed through the main story arc. Despite being non-linear, many areas of the land are populated by strong foes with higher levels than that of the player initially and as a result, players may want to explore them once their character has improved. While players will travel across much of the landscape on foot, they are soon given the option to ride on horseback and even later, a chance to man the helm of a boat to sail across the seas between islands. In addition players can also fast travel using magical teleportation fixtures found across the map.

From the beginning of the single-player game, all players' characters begin at the base level. Rather than having players choose a character’s class and style of play, as they level up points are given to be spent on improving their four main stats; endurance (health and damage), strength (combat), accuracy (ranged), and willpower (magic) while also unlocking and improving various other skills and abilities such as forging items, special combat moves, sneaking, spells and others. Players can also mix skills instead of focusing on one type of character build.

Materials can be gathered throughout the game world, either found in the wild, purchased from vendors, looted from fallen enemies or recovered from unneeded equipment. Whilst some materials can be used in the forging/upgrading of weaponry and armor, others can be used in the creation of lethal devices such as traps or bombs. Many others however are ingredients for potions that can be brewed by the player themselves. These mixtures can either be used to recover a player's health or magical reserve, to temporarily buff their skills or attributes, or to use against foes as poisons. Due to the large amount of outcomes, players can name and document their new creations.
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You get out of it what you put into it. And it's nice to look at :)

I'm handing this game 3 stars with a number of caveats. This is not a well put together game. It does not have fantastic encounters, a special story, or even great gameplay. What it does have is some very pretty graphics (aside from certain character models), an incredibly high degree of customization, a large and living world, a fun and creative magic system, and tons of stuff to do with the freedom to do it. The equipment/alchemy/enchantment systems are all tons of fun to play around with for item and equipment geeks.

You have to have an open mind, not be concerned with a lack of AAA quality and the ability to make your own fun to enjoy this game. And if you can do that you will enjoy it immensely.
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Great if just have to have another Free roaming, wide-open RPG!

This game has been a lot of fun so far. Overall Game play is very good. Graphics are Good. The weapon and upgrading system is fantastic. The story line is so so with a lot of little adventures and side quests. The voice over is terrible; the talking continually cuts out mid sentence. If you like Elder Scroll and just want another variation, even if it is not quite as good, you will like this game.Read full review...


Exceptional game! You have to try this one!

This is one of the best game i ever play of my life.

I like the fact that we can play online with our friends and others people.What i dislike is the fact that we cannot be more than 8 players on a server in plastation network mode.

This game is like Oblivion on steroïds!
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love it

love it

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Lacking of refinements

Not quite a truly RPG version. Action is slow and momentarily paused at times for unknown reasons. Adventure part is entertaining but I am still trying to figure out what the items collected are used for. The music is good to my ears but the positioning of camera is very badly done. The controls of movement is puzzling at times.Read full review...


Awsome Product!!

the product was great!! is complete new!!! thanks great game; great price!! i don't have any dislike of the product i really enjoy this product buy it!! guys (and girls to)


Promising RPG

I haven't played this game yet but I have read some reviews and seen a video or 2 I believe it will be one of the best games in 2011.


Very good game, 5-stars.

This is the best game I have played on ps3 so far. It reminds me of the ps2 game Draken; The Ancient Gates, which is another favorite of mine.


Not Really Online Multiplayer

I bought this game because it was listed under a Multiplayer category with special customizable weapons options. It's just a co-op type game. Not enough people were playing for me to try other modes. Bought and resold.Read full review...

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